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This is where I share my recipes to produce the tasty results you desire. My goal is to nurture long-lasting positive relationships with people. This blog is just one of the ways for me to achieve my goal.

What I learned from the movie "HITCH"

Frank Kitchen   /   May 30, 2018

The Will Smith movie “Hitch” is one of my favorite movies. The movie helped inspire me to start a business where I could use my... Read More

Leadership Techniques from the Avengers

Frank Kitchen   /   May 30, 2018

The Avengers Infinity War made box office history this weekend. While many people watch movies for entertainment, I love to watch movies for learning opportunities... Read More

Are you wasting your time?

Frank Kitchen   /   December 01, 2016

Four things that Waste your Time and Rob you of the opportunity to live your Dreams. (By: www.lifehack.org) Read More

John Klein, What's your Recipe?

Frank Kitchen   /   September 14, 2016

Two years ago I was walking to the mailbox with my son Elijah. Checking the mail was one of his favorite things to do. After... Read More

"Am I Making you Cry?"

Frank Kitchen   /   August 31, 2016

Frank Kitchen Enterprises just celebrated its first anniversary as a full-time business. Owning a business is like riding a rollercoaster. There are lots of ups... Read More