How do you Start Your Day?

How do you Start Your Day?

How do you start your day? Are you focused on Producing or Consuming?

An easy way to answer this question is to reflect on how you start your day.

What are you hungry for? What are you truly hungry for? The thing you say is important to you. When you're truly hungry for something (literally or figuratively) you "say" is important, your mindset is to do everything possible to cook it up.


When you wake up, are you committing to producing what you're hungry for or do you pull out your phone, turn on your computer or turn on your television and consume what others are producing?

My goal every day is to "Meal Prep" my dreams. The first 30 minutes to an hour are dedicated to cooking up the dreams I hunger for. I came up with the checklist below for myself and the people I work with. Here are the activities I attempt to accomplish every morning.

- I pray to accomplish my goals for the day

- I say my personal affirmation out loud

- I drink a glass of water

- I review my calendar and list of results I want to produce today

- I read a book, listen to a podcast, listen to a audio book related

  to my dreams

- I go for a walk, stretch or exercise

- Spend time with family (if their awake)

Why do I do this? When I used to start my day opening email, logging into ESPN, surfing the internet or just scrolling through social media; I was mentally telling myself those things were most important thing to me. I was mentally committing to having a distracted day. I was committing to watching others live their dreams which meant I wasn't working to live mine.

This lead to me being very unproductive and stressed. How are you starting your day? Are you working to invest in activities that will help you produce the tasty results you hunger for, or do spend your time consuming how others are producing the tasty results you desire and wishing that was you?

Our days can get hectic and crazy. There are times where you wish you had invested time in yourself and what you say is important to you. Can't you invest 30 minutes to an hour everyday towards yourself? 30 - 60 Minutes to invest in your personal or professional growth.

I'll admit, I don't do my list everyday, but I'm working to get there. I'm a work in progress. The days I commit to "Meal Prep" lead to very productive days.

These days remind me that Chef's have a FRESH Mindset. A mindset where they are focused on producing results not just for themselves, but for others too. They don't sit around and wait for someone to cook for them or just watch what others are cooking. They focus on the meal they want to cook, they prepare to cook that meal, then they cook it up. Many times they don't cook by themselves, they work with other Chefs who have a similar passion.

So, how do you plan to start your day tomorrow?

What a copy of my meal prep sheet? Please email me (fresh at and it's all yours.

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