What are You Hungry for?

What are You Hungry for?

“What are YOU hungry for?”



This is the question I pose to start  my keynote experiences. I want to know what my audiences are figuratively and literally hungry for? I want to know if they can clearly express what they want because there is a huge difference between being hungry and being HUNGRY!

When you are truly HUNGRY for something you have no issues sharing it with the world. You are so focused on feeding this hunger you are unapologetic of your desire. You will express it passionately to anyone and everyone. 

In order to feed your hunger, you must share what you want, how you want it, when you want it, and where you want it. Many times others will point you in the direction to help you satisfy your craving.

Sadly, there are many who won’t share what they are hungry for because of self-doubt,  fear of  being judged, criticized, laughed at, or embarrassed for being “different.” These limiting thoughts can prevent you from realizing your professional aspirations.  Years ago, I learned this lesson, when I was passed over for a promotion. When I asked my manager why I was passed over, they said, “We didn’t know you were interested, because you never expressed you wanted it.”

Quite simply,  I didn’t show my hunger. This is where we can learn from the mindset of a child. When my son was a one year old, his aunt agreed to babysit him. She let us know she was going to take him out for dinner and a treat. She asked him, “What are YOU hungry for?” Unapologetically he answered, “BIG ICE CREAM, WHIP CREAM, and A CHERRY ON TOP!” Guess what he got? The picture in the post is proof of what HUNGER can produce.

This picture attached to the blog post is a daily reminder to continually work to cook up the professional dreams I hunger for. In order to do this, I can’t worry about what others are thinking. This is what “I AM” hungry for. No one else. I can’t be afraid to share this hunger, because there are more people who are willing to help feed this hunger because of my excitement for it. Why, because people truly want to see others happy too and to be a part of the process.


So, what are YOU hungry for? Write it down on a piece of paper (Be very specific, just like you were at a restaurant)

Share it with people you trust. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how many people are willing to help you feed hunger because they want you to look just like my son in this picture.

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