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Frank Kitchen's Marketing Video

Learn how I work with Organizations around the world that want their people to breakthrough mental and physical barriers to Live the Dreams they Hunger For.

Who is Frank Kitchen?

The Happy2Thrive Organization invited me to share my childhood memories, passion for public speaking, and uplifting stories to inspire people who are experiencing mental health issues. They also asked me touch upon pertinent and relevant issues facing today’s youth and strategies to combat problems.

2021 Mental Notes Live Interview

What is your Passion? Are you living it? What mental and physical barriers are preventing you from Living Your Passion?It was an honor to join Ryan Hale as his special guest on Episode 6 of "Mental Notes Live" to discuss how your mindset impacts your ability to discover your passions, live them and positively impact the lives of the people you come in contact with.

It's OK to Play

Did you know games (Mental Breakthrough Activities) can be used to elevate the productivity of your organization through gamification. Watch this video clip from my popular program "It's Ok to Play" to see why how play can be used to breakthrough barriers and create the positive and productive cultures people desire to be a part of.

Grocery Store Games

Frank Kitchen helps raise millions of dollars annually for non-profits as one of the First African American Fundraising Ambassadors/Auctioneers in the world. To provide a FRESH experience, he is invited to host and Emcee a variety events around the world every year. Enjoy this video clip of Frank hosting the Matthew's Crossing Grocery Store Games for their annual Night to Fight Hunger Fundraiser. 

Frank Kitchen - Fundraising Ambassador and MC

Frank Kitchen is one of the First African American Fundraising Ambassadors/Auctioneers in the world. He savours the opportunity to raise awareness and funding for Non-Profit Organizations and their philanthropic causes.   

2018 Best Buddies International Leadership Conference Opening

I was honored to be invited to speak at the 2018 Best Buddies International Leadership Conference in Bloomington, Indiana to educate, energize and empower student leaders and educators on Servant Leadership and Inclusion.

The I Live FRESH Challenge

When you choose to Live FRESH, you are committing your Time, Talents, Team and Treasures to Live the Dreams You Hunger For while helping others do the same. Check out this video of my audiences around the world taking the I Live FRESH Challenge to create a memorable experience while attempting to win a FRESH prize.


  • Breaking through Your Mental and Physical Barriers

    The Micheal Finkley Show Interview

    Youtube host Micheal Finkley invited Frank Kitchen to be guest on his show to discuss how he overcame mental and physical barriers to Live his dream of being a full-time Professional Speaker.

  • How did you become a Coach?

    Radio: Business Radio X

    Business RadioX was honored to have Motivational Speaker and Coach Frank Kitchen of Frank Kitchen Enterprises on our show to discuss how he started his speaking and coaching business. Frank workw with Organizations that want their People to breakthrough the mental and physical barriers that prevent them from living the dreams they hunger for. 

  • How did you become a Motivational Speaker

    Podcast: see it to be it

    Host Amy C. Waninger chats with motivational and keynote speaker Frank Kitchen on this installment of the See It to Be It series.

  • How to Live FRESH with Frank Kitchen

    Podcast: the odell bizell show

    From scooping animal poop to speaking all across the country, Frank Kitchen’s story is one worth hearing. In this episode we interview professional speaker and auctioneer Frank Kitchen.

  • Frank Kitchen: Keynote Speaker

    Podcast: kids in the tank

    Kids in the Tank is a podcast created by the participants of BizTank, an educational experience about the world of business for high school juniors and seniors.

  • The 4 R’s to a SWEET Organization

    Podcast: Like a real boss

    Trick or Treat? No, I’m not confused on what month it is. But you’ll thank me for this sweet treat you’re going to receive!

  • Unique Ways to Grow Your Business

    Podcast: Like a real boss

    A great business idea will do no good without an audience to share it with. In this episode of Like a Real Boss, Frank Kitchen explains the importance of finding your target audience and what it takes to keep them and gain more.

  • CTSO and CTE Programs Ruin Students and Educators for Life!

    Podcast: NCLA

    This podcast is brought to you by NCLA. In each episode, our host, Rachael Mann, is joined by Career and Technical Education (CTE) thought leaders to share innovative approaches to local challenges that will inspire CTE administrators across the nation.

  • How to Use Your Subconscious Mind

    Radio: Intl Mastermind Assoc.

    In today’s show, we will be discussing Chapter 11: “The Subconscious Mind: The Connecting Link, The Eleventh Step to Riches” with our Special Guest, Frank Kitchen!

  • Empowering Entrepreneurial Leaders Through Public Speaking

    Podcast: technology = equality

    In this episode, Frank shares his journey from what he thought he would be when he was a child, to the moment he realized he was born for the stage.

  • Keeping a F.R.E.S.H. Mindset

    Podcast: It’s a Beautiful Influence

    How is your mindset these days? Even in the best of times, we all can struggle with having the right mindset. Now, in the midst of a global health crisis with serious economic troubles on top of it, almost everyone is struggling at some point.

  • What's my Story Interview with Frank Kitchen

    Podcast: What’s my story

    Our guest today is not just a handsome face who was once voted as one of “America’s Most Eligible Bachelors” - he also performs stand-up comedy and has a heart for non-profits, raising millions of dollars annually for these organizations.