From the Kitchen

This is where I share my recipes to produce the tasty results you desire. My goal is to nurture long-lasting positive relationships with people. This blog is just one of the ways for me to achieve my goal.

How are you helping other's in your industry grow?

Frank Kitchen   /   May 10, 2023

How are you helping others in your industry or career field grow?The main purpose of a trade association, is to provide the necessary resources needed... Read More

How do you create a great impression about yourself and your abilities.

Frank Kitchen   /   May 03, 2023

I treat every speaking engagement like a job interview. Read More

Turn Your Next Speaking Engagement into a Speaking Showcase

Frank Kitchen   /   April 05, 2023

When I gave my first “paid” speech I understood the art of speaking, but I didn’t understand the business of speaking. I understood what I... Read More

Does Your Organization Value Growth?

Frank Kitchen   /   March 10, 2023

"Does your organization, employer or people you work with value your personal and professional growth?" Read More

"What's Your Culture?"

Frank Kitchen   /   February 01, 2023

What’s your Culture?This is the question I’ve asked many of my past employers and currently ask on stage when I’m invited to speak. Read More