"What's Your Culture?"

What’s your Culture?

This is the question I’ve asked many of my past employers and currently ask on stage when I’m invited to speak.

I believe we should actively seek to be a part of or create communities that value and encourage personal and professional growth.

This past weekend I was invited by ✨Sylvie di Giusto✨ to participate in her Annual Catapult Speakers retreat. For 72 intensive hours I agreed to join 5 other professional speakers in a “secret” location as we had our speaking businesses evaluated from every possible angle.

Sounds scary right? Why did we do this? The 6 of us want our businesses to grow exponentially. In order to grow personally or professionally you must be willing to surround yourself with like minded people. People who will share feedback on what it takes to achieve your goals. People who will challenge you to be best version of yourself.

This doesn’t mean you’re going to hear what you like. You must willing to listen so you can achieve the results you like.

There was honesty, there was sweat, there were tears, but the experience was so worth it. I have to thank Sylvie facilitating and experience that will definitely catapult my career.

I want to thank cooking partners in crime (yes, we were responsible for cooking for each other) Michelle Anne , Owen Fitzpatrick , Allison Shapira , - Jessica Pettitt, MBA, CSP, MEd and Marc A. Pitman, CSP for all the knowledge, expertise, and encouragement you shared with me. We entered the house as strangers, but the investment was so worth it. I look forward growing our friendships.

Postive Cultures produce Productive People. If you ever have the honor of receiving an invite from Sylvie to participate in the experience, don’t think about it, trust the process. The investment is more than worth it and the results you will experience will happen faster than you can imagine both personally and professionally.

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