Does Your Organization Value Growth?

Does Your Organization Value Growth?

"Does your organization, employer or people you work with value your personal and professional growth?"

During a recent podcast interview with Scott Love I shared how this should be the goal for organizations when creating a workplace culture their people hunger for, but also for individuals when selecting people and organizations to work with or work for.

Early in my speaking career, I received the book, "The Dream Manager" as a gift from Candy Townsend Purvis after Rodger N. Campbell and I worked with her team. She mentioned how our program and content reminded her of the principles taught in the book.

I wouldn't classify myself as an avid reader, but during a flight from Phoenix to Chicago, I read the entire book. I just couldn't put it down. Candy was right. The book encourages readers to see people as an asset and not as a liability or number on Budget Report. It shares how to invest in the people we lead and work with them produce the results everyone desires. This is why book is at the top of my list of recommended reads for leaders and organizations who want to create a workplace culture that stimulates career advancement, productivity and profits. It shares how we can live our dreams while helping others live theirs. Yes, your employees have dreams too!

After the interview I went to my bookshelf to take a picture of the book for this post. When I opened the cover, I saw this inscription from Candy...


"August,2010 -

Dear Rodger and Frank,

My heartfelt thanks for being my "Knights in Shinning Armor" and coming to my training rescue!

May all of your dreams come true - you both deserve it! And I'm, leased and proud to help make them happen!

All the Best,

Candy "

Are you a part of a community, organization, or workplace that values you? When you choose to plant yourself in an environment where you are valued, there will be a positive impact. Not just for you, but the people who come in contact with you. It may even impact two professional speakers to write their own book on how to value people and so tasty results can be produced.

Thank you Candy for being a part of our dream.



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