How do you create a great impression about yourself and your abilities.

How do you create a great impression about yourself and your abilities.

I treat every speaking engagement like a job interview.

Think about it, when you have a job interview, you want to present the best version of yourself. You want to create a great impression about yourself and your abilities.

As a professional, every time I step in stage is a job interview. My client wants to see me perform at my best. I want the audience to see me at my best because I want them to hire me for their next training event.

To produce the best result’s possible requires preparation. You will never be perfect, but you can always give your best. Here are a few of the actions I take to provide a tasty experience for the people I work with.

1. I schedule 2 pre-event meeting to understand the wants, needs, goals and expectations of the client and audience.

2. I personalize my program. No canned speeches. I use the knowledge gained from my pre event meetings to speak with my audience not at them.

3. I record a pre-event hype video to get everyone excited about investing their time to attend.

4. I make myself accessible. No hiding in the green room. My job is to provide an experience. Hallway Conversations, photographs, signing books with a personalized message or even offering to be an MC, I work to over deliver.

5. I always thank my audience and let them know this is the beginning of a relationship. I share multiple ways to stay in contact with me so I can continue to be a learning resource.

6. I work to have the event photographed or video recorded. I will ask for the contact information of the event’s videographer/photographer, or I’ll hire my own. I love sharing videos and photographs post event with current and future clients. It’s one thing to tell people about the interactive learning experience you provide. But the impact of actually seeing what you do is priceless.

7. I love to invite prospective clients, friends or other speakers to watch, experience or shadow me. This is a great opportunity to see me at my best. Learn and see what I actually do or just hang out and have a great day. I’ve referred a few speaker friends to my clients too.

A special thank you to Pete Rodriguez for this photo. I can’t wait to share your video footage. Thank you Amanda Perkumas and Linda Morales for the invitation to work with Arizona Multihousing Association Members in Tucson. The experience was FRESH! Continue your great work representing, advocating and educating Arizona’s rental housing community.

Bonus Tip - Always thank your client and show them love on social media. Always be a resource! Your post can help market whst they do and attract new members and awareness of their services/mission.

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