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This is where I share my recipes to produce the tasty results you desire. My goal is to nurture long-lasting positive relationships with people. This blog is just one of the ways for me to achieve my goal.

I volunteer

Frank Kitchen   /   November 18, 2023

I volunteer! Read More

You're training people too much!

Frank Kitchen   /   August 29, 2023

"You're scheduling too many training meetings." Read More

Do you have an Accountability Partner?

Frank Kitchen   /   August 01, 2023

Accountability Partners are the "Taste Testers” we need in life. Read More

What's Your Workplace Culture Survey by Frank Kitchen

Frank Kitchen   /   July 13, 2023

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Are you creating a Culture of Value and Impact?

Frank Kitchen   /   May 23, 2023

Are you creating a Culture of Value and Impact?This was the question I asked my new friends at the American Dairy Association North East during... Read More