Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

What dd you do to bring in the New Year?

My family and I hosted our annual Live FRESH Hike! We were joined by 30 other motivated hikers. The day was amazing and so was the weather.  Click HERE to see pics and videos from the hike.

The annual hike is a visual and physical learning experience to show participants that Hungry people don't wait until the New Year to Cook Up their big dreams.

To Cook Up Your Big Dreams (Personal and Professional) in the New Year, here are a few techniques our hikers followed on the hike that you can apply in 2024...

1. Don't wait to start cooking up your dreams, be proactive and start today.

2. Have a BIG Dream and Don't be afraid to share it. On December 31st, everyone's dream was to climb to the top of the Victory Stairs. Every hiker was provided with a flag to write down their 2024 dreams on.

3. Put in the work. 5-Star Masterpieces don't just happen. You need to put in the work to cook them up. The Victory Stairs are a lot of work, but when you put in the work you get to enjoy the view.

4. Surround yourself with other chefs. Are you surrounding yourself with people who say they can't cook or don't want to? 30 + highly motivated people joined together on Sunday to learn and grow together. Their mindset was contagious and everyone, including people with pacemakers and no ACL in their knee made it to the top. Multiple connections and friendships were started on Sunday.

5. Celebrate your victories and use them to fire up your next. At the top of the mountain, everyone planted to their flag to celebrate their accomplishment. There were high-fives, hugs, and cheers for everyone, including people who were not a part of the hike. Yes we picked up a few additional people on the way up who were curious as to what was going on.

6. Build on the experience. Stop focusing on your failures and build on your accomplishments. By climbing the Victory Stairs on Sunday, everyone ended the year (no matter how good or bad it was) doing something positive and in some cases challenging & scary. It was an experience that reminded them that nothing is easy but anything is possible.

7. Understand that an F.R.E.S.H. experience is the ultimate reward. At the end of the hike, my children ran a raffle where every hiker received a gift of their choice for participating. While everyone enjoyed their gifts, the greatest gift /reward in life is experience.

Thank you to everyone who participated. We look forward to seeing everyone next year on Tuesday, December 31, 2024, at a location TDB!


Thank You, Sponsors!

This Year's Hike wouldn't have been possible without the donations from our amazing sponsors. Please click on the links below to learn more about their businesses. Better yet, click on the links to support their businesses too.

Abbie Cakes

All the Way Up Promo

Amazing Flowers

Antigua Apparel

Candyman Kicks

Fit Thick Wellness

Flaming Oats

Inked Cotton

Ms. C's Homestyle

Nike Factory Store Glendale, Arizona

Event Photographer - Kevin Desrosiers

The Kitchen Family looks forward to seeing you at the 2024 Live FRESH Hike. Please mark your calendars for Tuesday, December 31, 2024. The hike will be at 11 am at a location TBD.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or to let me know how I can be a resource for you and your community.


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