Will you invest in a coach in 2024?

Will you invest in a coach in 2024?

You can learn a lot in this YouTube University / Google University / AI world to grow professionally. But when you have a craving for the most impactful results possible, it's vital to invest in a coach.

There are coaches everywhere who can help you advance in your career. Be sure to research their services diligently and to interview them to ensure they are the best fit for your learning style. I always recommend investigating whether they are still working in the area of expertise they are coaching in or are their clients achieving success in the area of expertise they are coaching in. You must find a coach you trust. Impactful coaching will provide a return on your investment.

Coaches can help you discover your best opportunities for growth and prescribe exercises to aid in your growth. Growth that doesn't happen when you rely on "self-help" or "free learning." I've learned this personally, especially when I learned to mix "Investment" learning opportunities with "self-guided" learning opportunities.

I'd like to thank Paulette Bonneur, M.S. for trusting me to work with her to “Fire Up” her speaking career. I’ve had the opportunity to coach and mentor her for the last year. Seeing her “Happy Dance” as we discovered the best ingredients for the 5 Star Masterpiece she’s cooking up in her career. Working with her fed my soul and inspired me to keep doing what I do…Fire Up the Performance and Profits of the people I have the honor of working with.

When you are in need of a dynamic speaker who creates life jacket moments that provide you with the resources & confidence to stand out and live your life’s purpose you need to contact Paulette.

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