Who are you Learning From?

Who are you Learning From?

To build a Hall of Fame speaking business you need to learn from Hall of Fame Speakers. Thank you Crystal Washington, CSP, CPAE for the invitation to shadow you and watch you model what it means to be a “Professional Speaker” at your event in Phoenix.

I Loved the knowledge Crystal shared on why we should incorporate AI into our businesses, but I really loved observing how you interact with your clients and audience on and off stage.

Want to fire up your performance? Take a "Field Trip." Here are a few reasons why:

1. The experience will "Flip Your Mindset." Seeing and experiencing someone doing what you aspire to do, demonstrates what is possible. You're inspired to step your game up. Where your Mind goes, your body will follow.

2. Having the opportunity to ask questions, interact with, and observe an individual who is at the top of their game in your career field accelerates your growth. I love watching how other speakers open their program, move on stage, engage their audience, use their slides, and in Crystal's case, have a conversation with her audience without reading from her slides word for word. She creates an experience.

3. You build your network. Business, especially the speaking business, is about relationships. The opportunity to converser and exchange knowledge with people who truly "understand" what you do can't be measured when it comes to career growth. Crystal introduced me to another speaker while I was there.

4. It's all about Professional Development. To grow professionally, you must invest in that growth. That will be either an investment in your time, treasure, or talents. As Crystal said on stage, "You will never master everything." So, you must work to be a student and always be in learning mode. You must have a mindset of wanting to consistently grow.

These are just a few of the reasons, I make it a point to watch and support other professional speakers when they visit the Phoenix area or I'm in the town they're speaking in.

Remember, you're one click away from being able to set up a "Field Trip" or "Informational Interview" with someone you aspire to be like. All you have to do is pick up the phone or hit "enter/return" on that email/direct message.

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