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This is where I share my recipes to produce the tasty results you desire. My goal is to nurture long-lasting positive relationships with people. This blog is just one of the ways for me to achieve my goal.

The Mindset of a Motivational Speaker

Frank Kitchen   /   August 06, 2020

I've been a Motivational Speaker for 14 years. I have experienced numerous ups and downs during my part-time and now full-time speaking career. The one... Read More

How do you Meal Prep Your Day?

Frank Kitchen   /   July 15, 2020

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Letter from Callie

Frank Kitchen   /   December 05, 2019

I love receiving emails and letters from people I have inspired and motivated to live their personal and professional dreams.   Please watch this video from... Read More

How I met my celebrity Doppelgänger Reggie Miller!

Frank Kitchen   /   December 05, 2019

For years, my big dream was to meet NBA Hall of Fame Basketball player Reggie Miller. I often share with people that you have to...

“Maintain your Mental and Physical Excellence.”

Frank Kitchen   /   October 04, 2019

“To achieve the results you are proud of, you must practice Excellence.” - Frank Kitchen Read More