I'm a Hall of Famer

I'm a Hall of Famer


I am a Community College Graduate! 

I’m proud to be one. My mom and sister are too. All from the same School!

That same school has now made me a Hall of Famer!



Getting inducted into the Lakeland Community College Hall of Fame in October was an amazing Honor especially because my wife and kids got to be a part of experience.

Click this link to watch video from the ceremony. I’m the second inductee. On of my fellow inductees is 99 years young!

 To start the day, I was invited to be the guest speaker for Business and Entrepreneurship students. I shared how the college played a major role in my speaking career. I also shared business advise from the lessons I’ve learned during my adventures as an entrepreneur. Video from the class is below.

After that, the night got very special, as I toured my family around campus and showed my kids my former offices as a student leader and staff member.

I loved having my family and friends join me for such a special night. It’s an amazing feeling to have your wife and kids be a part of your life and showing them what you did to make you the person you are today.

As always, thank you everyone for your support and thank you Lakeland Community College and the Lakeland Community College Alumni Association for playing a huge role in my personal and professional success.

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