What makes you Unique and Special?

What makes you Unique and Special?

What makes you Unique and Special? For many of us, it's our mindset. It's the way we choose to look at things that happen in our lives.

Did you know that how you leverage your uniqueness impacts your ability to Live your Dreams while helping others Live theirs?
My name is Frank Cornelius Kitchen.
For years I "ran away" from my name. It's what made me special. I was picked on because I was named after a room in a house. My initials are event crazier...F.C.K. At one point I considered asking my step-dad to adopt me, so I could change my name. I'm glad I didn't.
I was never ashamed of my name, but it wasn't until years later with the help of friends and mentors that I recognized that my name made memorable and was the ultimate conversation starter.
As I started to really embrace my name, I learned how powerful of an asset it is. My last name makes my marketing, branding and content standout. Everyone wants to "cook-up" something special and that usually happens in a kitchen.
My initials, yes they're special. They also explain the services offered by my business.
F = Fundraising
I'm one of the first African Americans to ever earn the Benefit Auctioneer Specialist (BAS) from the National Auctioneers Association. I consult with non-profits around the country to increase awareness and donations for their philanthropic cause during Special Events and Fundraisers. During events, I serve as a Master of Ceremonies, Organization Ambassador and Auctioneer.
C = Coach
I work with Speakers, Authors and Content Experts who want to break into the Business of Professional Speaking and Get Paid to share their Dream, Passion or Purpose.
K = Keynote Speaker
I work with Organizations who want their People to Break Through Mental and Physical Barriers to Live the Dreams they Hunger For. I transform In-Person and Virtual Conferences, Conventions, Retreats and Training Events into Interactive Learning Experiences with my FRESH Recipes on Mindset, Leadership and Workplace Culture.
So, what makes you special or unique? Embrace it! Don't think about, don't talk about it, LIVE IT!
Here are a few pictures of me Living my initials over the last few weeks.

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