From the Kitchen

This is where I share my recipes to produce the tasty results you desire. My goal is to nurture long-lasting positive relationships with people. This blog is just one of the ways for me to achieve my goal.

Scott Cummings, "What's your Recipe?"

Frank Kitchen   /   April 06, 2016

This month I’ve asked my best friend Scott Cummings to participate in my interview series. I’ve known Scott for almost 25 years. Read More


Frank Kitchen   /   April 03, 2016

Live FRESH - To commit your time, talents, team, and treasures to live your dream while helping others live their dreams. Read More

Alena Bond, What's Your Recipe?

Frank Kitchen   /   February 02, 2016

In 2014 I was looking for a fun item to give away for a speech. Something people could and would use. I also wanted it... Read More

Effective Communication is the Key...to living your Dreams

Frank Kitchen   /   January 27, 2016

Our ability to communicate in an understandable way is the determining factor to positive or negative life experiences. Poor communication can lead to misunderstandings. Misunderstandings... Read More

Are you a Vegetarian?

Frank Kitchen   /   December 14, 2015

When I travel, it amazes me to see how much people pay attention to what I do or say. When I eat with groups before,... Read More