“Maintain your Mental and Physical Excellence.”

“To achieve the results you are proud of, you must practice Excellence.” - Frank Kitchen


Excellence is the ability to be extremely good and outstanding. Showcasing your excellence is something to be proud of. The world tells us to be perfect. Perfection is something that can never be achieved. There has never been a perfect human being. There have been humans who have been remembered for their excellence at a particular activity or endeavor.

It’s difficult to be excellent when you fail to practice excellence in the way you take care of yourself. Here are 7 self-care excellence techniques I share with the leaders I’m invited to work with.

Physical Excellence - Take care of your Body! Health, Nutrition, and Rest

  • Take walks and exercise regularly.
  • Learning new physical activities... Dancing, Rock Climbing, Yoga
  • Get the proper amount of sleep daily… 6-8 hours
  • Eat nourishing foods… At home and at work
  • Drink water and stay hydrated                     

Mental Excellence - Learn New Things and apply what you have learned to your daily life including; Self-motivation Activities, Being creative and Stepping out of Your Comfort Zone.

  • Being respectful and mindful of yourself and others
  • Avoid being judgmental
  • Journal and read often (Audiobooks and Podcasts Count)
  • Avoid perfectionism
  • Make time for yourself on your calendar…vacation & personal time.
  • Schedule regular technology detox periods   
  • Reward yourself for your achievements

Emotional Excellence - Understand how your emotions, behaviors, habits, and actions impact your personal and professional success.

  • Learn to say, “No”
  • Practice Emotional Intelligence and Empathy
  • Practice Gratitude
  • Make time to self reflect on how your emotions impact your actions

Social Excellence - Have a supportive community of people you trust. Family, friends & mentors who support, challenge and empower you. 

  • Participate in social & professional communities outside  of work
  • Show up for the commitments you make
  • Ask for help or advice
  • Grow your community by meeting new people.
  • Meet up for walks, hikes or physical activities with your community

Professional Excellence - Share and receive gifts (time, talents, and treasures) with your co-workers and community.

  • Express your wants and needs via positive communication
  • Have clear and defined boundaries
  • Know your limits, role, and responsibilities
  • Seek out Professional Development & Coaching Opportunities

Environmental Excellence - Create an environment that promotes comfort, confidence, and productivity. 

  • Monitor and limit distractions (technology, people and shiny objects)
  • Keep workspace and schedule decluttered and well organized. Clean up after yourself.
  • Maintain excellent grooming standards (Clean clothes and personal hygiene)
  • Keep your environment safe. Regular maintenance of transportation,  living space, and workspaces.

Spiritual Excellence - Have beliefs and values that are important to you and guide you to be your best.

  • Practice Prayer, Meditation or Reflection Time
  • Volunteer and offer help to those in need
  • Journal and read often
  • Set goals and share them with people you trust
  • Plan/Attend Retreats or Spiritual Getaways


Excerpt from "Fresh from the Kitchen, Life Lessons of an Entrepreneurial Dreamer." Now available on Amazon.

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