Who are the people helping supporting you and your dreams?

Who are the people helping supporting you and your dreams?

Who are the people who support you a your dreams?

No one cooks up the dreams the hunger for all by themselves. My family sacarafices a lot so I can live my professional speaking dreams. I’ve missed birthdays, sports events, and just being there to help out when someone is under the weather.

They’ve helped pack and sell books for me, woken up early to get me to the airport or moved to different parts of the house so I can give an early morning speech.

No one on this planet does anything by themselves. To be successful at anything you must have a team of family, friends, team members, memories, accountability partners , coaches, clients and supporters to help you cook up your dreams and career aspirations.

Understanding this, you must show gratitude to these people who make sacrifices so you can do what you do.

Many of my family trips revolve around work where my client helps to pay our expenses. Last week, I was able to reward my family for their sacrifices over the years with family cruise to the Bahamas. It was an investment, but a well earned one.

I can’t wait to make more investments in the future.

How do you show gratitude to the people who are sous chefs who help you cook up your 5-Star Performance Masterpieces?

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