How are you helping other's in your industry grow?

How are you helping other's in your industry grow?

How are you helping others in your industry or career field grow?

The main purpose of a trade association, is to provide the necessary resources needed to thrive in that industry or career. Meet my friends at the National Speakers Association St. Louis Chapter. Every month they invite a guests speaker to present and work with their members to accomplish their mission of advancing the art and value of experts who speak professionally.

I shared my 7 part recipe for SPICING UP their Speaking Business and consistently securing paid speaking opportunities. Want to know the Flavorful Recipe?

1. Specialize as a Subject Matter Expert
2. Prospect for Opportunities Regulary
3. Be willing to Innovate (Adapt, Grow & Evolve)
4. Create Multiple Streams of Income
5. Engage your Clients Frequently. Show you are.
6. Utilize Your Network
7. Promote the problem you solve and results you produce.

Professional Speaking is a legal high. Being able to share your passion, knowledge, experiences and expertise to help others grow personally and professionally is a feeling that is difficult to describe. You have a career/occupation that allows you to create the lifestyle you hunger for while helping others create the lifestyle they desire too.

As a member of the National Speakers Association one of my responsibilities is to give back to the industry by sharing my knowledge and experience to help other experts thrive. This is something I look forward to doing for other NSA Chapters in the future. Thank you Yonason Goldson - The Ethics Ninja , Joe Fingerhut, CSP and Kevin Desrosiers for the invitation to work with your membership. I can’t wait to see one of the people in this picture presenting at a future NSA event as the show the world the value of working with a professional.

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