Stop Shining the Spot Light on Yourself

Stop Shining the Spot Light on Yourself

The greatest compliment I can receive after a program or event is for an attendee to ask, “Do you work for the organization?” Or say, “I thought you worked for the organization.”

These compliments are only possible by scheduling interviews and field trips. This allows me to connect with the audience and create an educational learning experience. By becoming a part of the organizations DNA you better increase opportunities for raise awareness and donations for their philanthropic cause. 

An invitation to work with an organization is a partnership. As a partner, my goal is to get a full understanding of who the organization is and the people they serve. I want to know about the services they offer, the people who work for them and the communities they transform. I want to be an extension of the organization when I step on stage or behind the camera.

“Shine the spotlight on the organization and audience you’re working with, not yourself!”

This is the advice I offered to an aspiring speaker / emcee before I stepped on stage as the Emcee and Fundraising Ambassador Episcopal Community Services for their Annual Fundraiser in San Diego. His question was how do I get more work doing what you do? "Focus on the organization, the people they serve and do great work!"

This is a photo “we” took as a community, as we raised funds to support some of the most vulnerable communities within San Diego County… Children and Families living on low incomes, people with mental health and substance use disorders, and individuals experiencing homelessness.

By putting the organization and their goals first, we raised more than money, we came together to transform lives!

Everyone had an opportunity to shine, because no one was selfish and focused on just themselves!


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