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"The word “dynamic” is often used to describe effective motivational speakers.  This adjective refers to the ability to bring energy to an audience, the kind of energy that causes them to want to engage, to soak in every word, to listen with rapt attention, and most importantly, to respond in some kind of tangible way.  For those of us who have had the privilege of speaking before a teenage audience, we can attest that it is no easy task!  This is why I was so impressed with Frank.  When he came and spoke during our morning assembly, he brought a typically passive and lethargic group of kids first to the edge of their seats, then to their feet in excitement.  I saw kids who often doze off during presentations with eyes wide open and a smile on their face!  I heard faculty, young and old, laughing at Frank’s jokes and nodding with approval as he challenged us all to pursue our dreams with a “F.R.E.S.H.” approach to life.  I hope others may also have the blessing and privilege of inviting Frank Kitchen to speak with their staff and students!" - Jonathan Winn, International Programs Coordinator, Menaul School

"Frank Kitchen was extremely supportive and had fantastic ideas on how we could embed his message within our event as effectively as possible. He was always so very responsive to our needs and you could tell how committed he was to ensure that our students had the best experience possible... And at the end of the day, he was definitely the highlight of the event for the students - it was the perfect way to launch our Leadership Institute and get our students motivated and engaged from the start!" - Jacob Davis, IB Program Specialist, Westwood High School 

"Frank visited Heritage Middle School on October 4, 2016 for a school-wide assembly.  He shared his F.R.E.S.H. message with our students and made the presentation fun and engaging for our middle schoolers.  The best part of the day was having Frank spend the rest of the day meeting with students informally in the lunchroom and attended some leadership sessions with a few.  He provided a personal touch that our students really appreciated.

Since being at Heritage, our students have felt safe enough to reach out to Frank regarding a concerning situation affecting one of their friends.  Frank immediately reached out to me and we were able to provide the help that student needed as well as support the friends who were very concerned for her.  He made a difference in our students' lives and continues to do so beyond the presentation.
I fully recommend having Frank Kitchen as a speaker for your school.  He is willing to work with the school and tailor the message to your specific needs." - Melissa DeAngelis, Principal, Heritage Middle School


Colleges and Universities

"Frank was an absolute delight to work with! He was easy to work with and one of the nicest speakers our department has ever brought to campus. I was impressed by our conversations as he was always professional but also easy going and friendly. He is truly a good person and is in sync with his mantra of FRESH living! He is a family man, friend, and motivator!" Ashlee Poulter, Utah Valley University

Frank Kitchen was the Keynote Speaker for the 2017 UC Merced Leadership Conference. Start to finish it was a pleasure to work with Frank. He was engaged and excited to be a part of our conference and inspire our students to Think Big and Lead Fresh. Frank went above and beyond expectations from creating a pre-conference welcome video to talking with students all day and after the conference had concluded. His message was unique and relatable in his keynote and breakout sessions and students continue to talk about him close to a month later. I would strongly endorse his participation any campus’s leadership events in the future. - Steve Lerer, Associate Director, Office of Leadership, Service and Career, University of California Merced

"Our university was looking for someone who could motivate and inspire our student leaders. Bringing Frank on campus was a positive game changer and helped shift the culture from drab to dynamite!  He understood where the students were at and had a way of connecting with them that was authentic and warm while challenging them to new heights.  I have since moved to another university and brought him here as well!  As an administrator, I am continually impressed with the way Frank listens to what kind of programs we want to provide for our student leaders, the new ideas he introduces to us and his overall enthusiasm for what he does!  Frank has actually made my job easier because he knows exactly what our staff needs and delivers what our students need - FRESH LEADERSHIP!" - Kristin Schumacher, Assistant Director Activities, Involvement & Leadership-Student Affairs, University of Wisconsin Eau Claire

"I was most impressed with Frank Kitchen's ability to personally connect with our students. He took the time to talk with them after his sessions and really meet them on their level. I know that our students were encouraged and inspired by his "FRESH" takes on life and leadership." - Anna Crisp, The University of Toledo Leadership Conference Coordinator

Non-Profits and Associations

"Frank's ability to inspire and educate the student leaders of Best Buddies Arizona through fun and interactive ways was phenomenal. We were lucky to have such a great speaker at our event and we are excited to have him as a supporter."

- Trevor Paxton, Program Manager for Best Buddies Arizona

"Frank's involvement with Compass Retreat Center has been outstanding from his first smile to his excellent working knowledge of the value of relationships. His creativity and humor are an excellent combination. He connects with people on their level, and genuinely wants to learn more about them. He has a broad scope of experiences to pull from that help our organization shape and fine tune it's vision and message. I will continue to invite him to make our team stronger. His open heart and vision allow him to see needs and he is willing to point that out. Outcomes matter and his results are top of the line. He is both flexible to expand the process and willing to listen to tighten up the process if needed. He exceeds my expectations and that of our organization every time." -Lisa Dunster, Director of Compass Retreat Center

"Hiring Frank Kitchen for our State Leadership Conference was one of the best decisions I've made in my role as the state advisor for Educators Rising Nebraska.  Frank was very down to earth and he had the ability to not only entertain but get across the importance of a great attitude when making a plan for success!  He made himself available to the state officer team the night before and helped in our preparation for the state conference.  The day of the conference his message was motivational and tailored to the high school students attending.  He also presented sessions for students and advisors and remained available to every student in attendance for Q and A.  We were extremely pleased with his effort to reach members and his genuine caring spirit." - Nancy Burkhart, Educators Rising Nebraska State Advisor

"Frank Kitchen was the NJ HOSA state keynote speaker on March 5, 6, 2016 at Gloucester Institute of Technology, Gloucester, NJ.  He agreed to attend both days and spoke at both the opening and closing sessions.  During the day, Frank mixed with the students and engaged them on a one on one basis. My wife, Lucille, and I had dinner with Frank on Saturday evening and he stayed at the same hotel.  In effect, Frank became a member of the state conference committee.

It was a friendly delight to have Frank interact in this manner; he just joined in on his own.  His fee was very fair.  Most importantly, the students received him very well and I wrote a short poem thanking Frank at the last general session." - Dr. Gene F. Napoliello, NJ HOSA State Advisor

"Frank Kitchen is personable and able to make meaningful connections with educators, school leaders, and students alike. He is a dynamic presenter and storyteller with relatable experiences and life lessons that audience members can relate to.I was first introduced to Frank in 2012 at an FCCLA state conference that he keynoted. He captivated the audience with his powerful message. My students were talking about him for weeks after the event and referenced "bad apples" throughout the rest of the school year. A couple of years later, I took on the role of Educators Rising State Director and solicited Frank's services to assist in training high school leaders and to speak at our state conferences. Frank has a natural and authentic style and is able to deliver meaningful nuggets of wisdom with ease while incorporating humor and laughter. His ability to introduce concepts in a fresh and entertaining way is key to his success in influencing those in his presence. I highly recommend Frank Kitchen and his services." - Rachael Mann, Career & Technical Education Expert and Consultant

"Frank is a dynamic, engaging speaker that we felt very fortunate to have on our stage at the YEA! Tucson Commencement for Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Foundation Young Entrepreneurs Academy in May 2018. His keynote presentation ("Live Fresh") was rated in high favor by our audience of graduates, parents, educators and the small business community. The motivational focus on entrepreneurship truly resonated with our young business owners and many more in our audience of who were seeking for expert advice on building their own brands while furthering their personal development. In a very "fresh", energizing session, Frank offered personal experiences and gave our graduates clear tips and actionable suggestions on how to implement his recommended strategies. I highly recommend Frank for your next event!"  - Stephanie Bermudez, Young Entrepreneurs Association Tucson

 Businesses and Professional Organizations

“Children’s Clinics hired Frank Kitchen for our annual all staff retreat and received rave reviews from everyone in attendance. In fact, Frank’s presentation was one of the most highlighted areas in our post-retreat employee satisfaction surveys. Frank’s energy, positivity, and passion led us through a successful event. Our staff left motivated and inspired and thoroughly enjoyed Frank’s presence. From our leadership at Children’s Clinics, we highly recommend Frank to anyone in need of a dynamic speaker. We will definitely consider him for future events. Five stars!"Jared Perkins, CEO, Children’s Clinics, Tucson, Arizona

"His presentation helped to change the culture of our stores through positive attitudes and communication."Brandon Ramsey, Microsoft Stores Business Representative

“Frank took the time to prepare and understand our group. He tailored the presentation to fit the daily lives and jobs of the audience and made “Kitchen Sink” leadership applicable to them. His energy was fantastic and he was a great presenter to end our program!” - Stacy Householder , National Conference of State Legislatures

"Frank exudes enthusiasm and energy!  He was the keynote presenter for our general session on opening night at our statewide conference and engaged the crowd immediately.  His encouragement for us to “finish the race” set the stage for a great time of learning at the conference.  Frank has a positive disposition and attendees were responsive to him. He led sessions for adults and students and fascinated both audiences.  I highly recommend him for other keynote opportunities." - Rachel Rutledge, South Carolina Department of Education, Office of Career and Technology Education

"Frank introduced the group to the idea of Living F.R.E.S.H. – Focused, Resourceful, Enthusiastic, Strong, Honest. He had all of us laughing and taking notes on how to be better at our jobs. But the best part is that iGO continued the learning with a post-lunch, hands-on workshop. Frank had all of us out of our seats playing games to meet new people and gain insight into our personalities and work styles. It was not like any session I’d ever seen at one of these conferences and I made at least four new friends while laughing and learning. What a great idea to encourage networking while also learning some new interpersonal skills!" -Votem Corporation, Attendees of the 2019 International Association of Government Officials (IGO) Winter Conference

"Frank's enthusiasm is infectious and invigorating. Our local and state CTSO officers were on their feet and interacting like nothing I've seen before. Their excitement and passion through Frank resulted in numerous discussions and ideas to move their organizations forward to a new level. The local and state advisors were similarly inspired, and the State Department of Education and their CTE office thanked me for including Frank as a part of our leadership training opportunity.

Frank's interest in each student and adult who approached him individually was heartfelt, and he spent time with each attendee to share ideas and solutions for growth, leadership, and inspiration. His continued outreach after our event has been beneficial and appreciated." - Steven M. Cook, Alaska CTE Conference Planner

"In April 2019 Frank was the keynote speaker at the Spring Conference for the Missouri Association of Public Purchasing.  Frank lead three engaging and interactive session with our group of more than 80 members.  Frank was in attendance for our entire event and quickly became one of us!  I was very impressed that he attended many of our events to really get to know and network with our members.  Frank’s sessions were unique where he didn’t stand and teach us, he got our members up out of their chairs working together and in many cases, with people they don’t normally sit with.  Our attendees raved about Frank in our end of conference survey!  If you are looking for an F.R.E.S.H approach to leadership and development sessions F.R.A.N.K is your guy!"   - Kara Daniel, Missouri Association of Public Purchasing

"I was trying to plan a conference for my organization and desperately looking for speakers in the Phoenix area. I was given Frank Kitchen's information and after looking at his website I was so excited to speak with him. From our first conversation, Frank was beyond helpful and excited to help me. He made the planning process so easy.

 As the date of the conference arrived, I was really looking forward to Frank's presentation. Not only did Frank not disappoint, he knocked it out of the park! He had everyone's interest from the minute he started and kept everyone's interest for the entire presentation. The information he shared was so helpful to me as a business owner and learning to be the best leader I can be. Every review that our participants turned in, gave the highest reviews to Frank's presentation. 
Working with Frank and learning from him has truly been an honor. His knowledge is incredible and his approach to sharing it seems effortless. He is a natural teacher. I highly recommend getting to enjoy a presentation of his!!"
Susan Arnold, President of the American Academy of Private Practice in Speech Pathology and Audiology
The CBR team has completed the incredible 9 months of customer service training with Frank Kitchen. It was a great experience of coming together to excel in our dedication to all our customers and each other. CBR was able to expand on our existing customer service skills and communication skills, while also learning new and unique ways to hone our talents to best serve our clients and be there for our teammates. Thank you, Frank, for helping our team to be the best we can by doing what we love most.  
- Creative Business Resources, Phoenix, Arizona

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