The Mindset of a Motivational Speaker

The Mindset of a Motivational Speaker

I've been a Motivational Speaker for 14 years. I have experienced numerous ups and downs during my part-time and now full-time speaking career. The one thing that has helped me break through barriers of operating a thriving career is my Mental Mindset. Do you want to be a Professional Speaker? Do you want to better understand the life of Professional Motivational Speaker? I invite you to watch my recent video interview with Happy to Thrive Organization.

Happy2Thrive is a non-profit organization, co-founded by Esha Kode and Sanjana Chekuri. They focus on highlighting stories of Thrivers who have a personal connection with mental illnesses and want to make a difference! They hope to bring better mental health awareness through our initiations.

In this interview, some of the questions I'm asked were:

  • How I became a Professional Speaker
  • Personal and Professional Challenges I've faced in my career
  • How to maintain a healthy mental mindset
  • Fun Facts about my Life

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