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Glossophobia is the fear of public speaking. Many people fear speaking in public more than spiders, snakes, falling out of a plane, clowns and dying! Pretty amazing. Speaking in public can be an amazing experience when you overcome your fear.

Many of you have probably heard the that fear is…FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL. Let me tell you right now, I have never been bitten by a spider or snake while speaking, fallen out of a plane or had a plane fall on me while speaking or died while giving a speech. Yes I have acted like clown before giving a speech, but that’s another story. We would like you to enjoy the experience of sharing your passions, experiences, knowledge and thoughts with people verbally.

I believe giving a great speech or presentation is all about creating the ideal environment. An environment where you and your audience fell comfortable. Here are few tips I share with my coaching clients and audiences. 13 tips to make your next speech a positive experience.

Take a Field Trip – Learn as much as you can about the location of the speech. Try to visit ahead of time to see how things are going to be set-up. Ask for details of the location (How it will be set-up, how many people, sound system) Ask for practice time. You gain confidence by being comfortable. If you're not comfortable or familiar with the environment, you'll lose your confidence.

Create your Environment – Show up to your speaking location ahead of time to get comfortable with the space. Set up the location to make you feel comfortable. I recommend you arrive 1 hour before you speak.

Follow your Routine – Create a pre speech routine. Meditate, pray, listen to music, use the bathroom, etc. Once again, you want to create a comfort zone for your self to be the best you can on stage.

Eat Smart and Drink Smart – Make smart decisions on what you eat and drink before you speak. I recommend eating nothing heavy 1 hour before you speak. A full stomach makes it difficult to breathe. Your voice is your tool. Drink room temperature water or something warm before you speak. Cold drinks or carbonated beverages they have negative effects on your ability to speak. Hard candy or throat lozenges are your friends.

You are a Super Hero – Every Super Hero has their special uniform. Wear what makes you feel great about yourself. Look good feel good. Be confident and own the room.

Smile – Smiling will put you and your audience at ease. Before you speak, think of something enjoyable…your friends, your family, your pet, or something that puts a smile on your face.

Chin Up and Mouth Open - It’s difficult to hear you if you don't open your mouth and you projecting your voice towards the floor. When using a microphone, learn how to use it properly.

Share your Passion - Only speak about subjects or themes you are passionate about. People get nervous when they have to speak about something they don't know about or aren't comfortable with. If you know the subject or the story, all will be good.

Tell your Story - Don't over think things.  People psych themselves out. You're telling a story and sharing information with people. You are having a conversation with the audience. Talk with them, not at them. Don’t make it a lecture.

Use your words - Only use words that you are comfortable with. Don't TRY to sound intelligent by using words that aren't in your normal vocabulary. You'll only stumble over them and get nervous.

Be yourself – Audiences connect with people who are genuine. If you like to walk around, use slides, and interact with people do it. Do what makes you feel comfortable. When you are comfortable the audience is comfortable.

Be a Speaker not a Reader - If you have to read your speech. Type everything in a large font so you can read the words. I like to color code the lines so I can find my spot when I look up at the audience. Remember the only person who will see your speech is you.

Have Fun! -  If you're not enjoying your time on stage then your audience won't enjoy themselves either. Embrace the moment, have a good time and share your story and knowledge.

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