PIG Test?

Did you know you could learn a lot about yourself by drawing a pig?

When I travel around the country, I often do a series of "Attitude Adjustment Exercises." The exercises are really a series of games that are great visual learning tool.

One of my favorite exercises to lead is called "The Pig Test." It's a great ice breaker and a great way for people to learn about themselves.

I  first took the test almost 20  years ago. Now it's something I share with people around the world.

I've decided to share the test with you as a thank you for reading my blog. Take the test and when you're done, feel free to share it with others. If you want to share it via Twitter or Instagram, take a picture of your drawing and post the photo with the hashtag "#PigTest" and share it with me @frankkitchen.

Enjoy the PIG TEST

Step #1
Please draw a PIG on a piece of paper!

There are no rules, no limits! You can draw anything! This test is about you.

Step #2
Where did you draw your pig?

- If your pig is at the top of the page, you are positive and optimistic!

- If your pig is in the middle of the page, you are a realist!

- If your pig is at the bottom of the paper, you are suspicious and have a likelihood to behave

Step #3
What direction does you pig face?

- Does your pig face left side of the page?

  You believe in traditions. You are friendly. You are good at remembering dates
  (birthdays, homework, anniversaries,etc)

- Does your pig face right side of the page?

  You are creative and active. You don’t have a strong sense of family. You have a hard time 
   remembering dates.

- Is your pig looking directly at you?

You are direct, enjoy playing devil’s advocate and neither fear nor avoid discussions

Step #4
How much detail did you put into your drawing?

- Do you have a lot of details?

  You are organized, methodical, cautious and  distrustful.

- Few details?

   You tend to be emotional and naive (easy to trick/influence), you care little for details and are a risk-taker.

Step #5
How many legs did you draw?

- All 4 legs showing

  You tend to be secure, stubborn and stick to your ideals.

- Less than four legs?

 (You like ham!)

  You tend to be emotional and gullible. You also care little for details and are a risk taker

Step #6
Did you draw ears?

- How big are your pigs ears?

   The size of the ears show how good a listener you are. The bigger the better!

Step #7
Did you draw a tail?

- Does your pig have a tail?

  The length of the tail indicates the quality of your relationships. The longer the better.

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