Do you have an Accountability Partner?

Do you have an Accountability Partner?

Accountability Partners are the "Taste Testers” we need in life.

Taste Testers are people who know and understand what you’re working to cook up. You go to them for feedback. Feedback you’re willing to listen to even if it’s not what you “want” to hear. They’re a mentor, coach, friend, therapist, advisor and cheerleader all rolled up in one. They share with you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear because they want to see you to produce the tasty results you desire.

This picture attached to this blog is my accountability partner Misty Campbell. We met virtually in 2019 at a Mastermind. By March of 2020 we became accountability partners. Since that time we’ve met every week by phone, video and on special occasions in-person. We’ve shared our personal and professional dreams with each other. We’ve challenged each other to be best we can be for ourselves, our families and the people we work with and support.

This week we shared a stage together at the National Speakers Association 50th Annual Influence Conference in Orlando, Florida. The Conference is the largest gathering of professional speakers in the world. We were the Co-Chairs for the 30th Annual Black NSA Celebration.

We shared our story with attendees about the impact of having an accountability partner how impact it has on stimulating your career advancement, productivity and profits.

Success is the transformation of dream into reality. This endeavour isn’t something you do on your own.

Are you ready to Cook Up the Dreams You Hunger For? Seek out an accountability partner who values you and your dreams just as much as you.

Find your “Misty,” the best accountability partner in the world.

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