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To celebrate the 4 year anniversary of me being fully self-employed and a business owner, I asked my friends at Ceiphers Clothing Wholesale to help me "Freshen Up" the logo originally created by my friend George Bernal. The are several meanings and reasons behind the design.

#1 I wanted to let people know who I am and what I do. My name is Frank Cornelius Kitchen. I am a Fundraiser, Coach, and Keynote Speaker. Both facts are represented in my initials. FCK😁

#2 The microphone shows that I make my living using a microphone. I've been an MC, Announcer, Speaker, and Performer.

#3 The "Dancing Frank" shows the energy I bring to the stage. When I speak or perform, it's not boring.

#4 The Bow Tie helps me standout and represents the black-tie events and fundraisers I assist with when I partner with Non-Profits. I'm not in the business of blending in, I have to stand out from the crowd.

#5 The stars represent how I help people shine. I teach people how to shine by using their time, talent, team, and treasures to be positive difference makers and life changers in their communities, workplaces, organizations, and schools.

#6 The color green is the color of growth, action, and life. It is used in all my marketing and clothing to remind me of what I do. All of my keynote speeches, educational training, and coaching programs empower people to Live Life by taking the necessary actions to grow personally and professionally. The main color I use is Kelly Green. Pretty cool since my biggest supporter is my wife and her name is Kelly!

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