Trick or Treat?

Is your organization a trick to work for or a treat? This is the question I pose for attendees to my presentation titled "Trick or Treat? The 4R's to a Sweet Organization"

I recently gave the presentation to a group of middle school student leaders in Arizona. No matter the age of the groups I work with, I get similar answers. I wanted to share the answers from the middle schoolers. Their input leads to some great ideas for employers, non-profit groups and associations.

The workshop is designed to get attendees thinking of ways for their organization or business to deliver more than expected to their workers and volunteers. By doing this, the employer or organization creates loyalty and work performance. It's just like Halloween. The houses that give more than expected, a full size candy bar, become the talk of the neighborhood and people line up to be a part of the experience. All you have to do is follow the 4R's

(Here are the Questions and the Answers from the November 6th workshop.)

#1 Recruit - What can you do to recruit people to your organization or have a great recruiting event?

  • Play music at recruitment events
  • Buy a Blimp
  • Give out Free Food
  • Use bright colored advertising
  • Bring in an entertainer or speaker
  • Give out Free Stuff
  • Tell people about your organization and it's goals
  • Talk to people
  • Have a fun video about your organization
  • Let people sample what your organization is about

#2 Recognize - What can you do as an organization to recognize or learn more about person joining your organization?

  • Let them try different jobs or positions
  • Ask them what they can provide for the organization
  • Ask them what their vision is and where they see the organization going
  • Ask why they joined
  • Ask them about a unique skill they have
  • Give clear instructions of what you expect from them

#3 Retain - What can be done to retain people in your organization? (I let people know that retention is about training)

  • Share everything about the organization, don't hide anything from them
  • Help them succeed by giving them a mentor
  • Show them how to succeed
  • Give them samples of work that is acceptable
  • Tell them what you and other staff do
  • Find creative ways to motivate them
  • Put them in great positions to succeed

#4 Reward - What can you do to reward people for the hard work they do?

  • Have a concert
  • Have a party
  • Give them a raise
  • Give them a Birthday Card
  • Give a scholarship
  • Fireworks
  • Put together a power point thanking everyone for their work
  • Free food
  • Say Thank you
  • Recognize them or give them notoriety

At the end of the day you have to treat volunteers or workers like a resource. The "kids" gave some great ideas any student organization or Fortune 500 company could use to recruit, retain, and reward it's most valuable resource...the people who work with them.


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