"The More You Talk about Your Dreams the Further Away They Get!"

"The More You Talk about Your Dreams the Further Away They Get!" This is a quote I shared with April Lewis as a guest on the receent episode of the April Lewis Experience. 

I shared this quote because April asked me about how we can breakthrough mental and physical barriers to live our dreams. We all have dreams. I have learned over the years that the person most responsible for us living our dreams looks at us in the mirror every morning. We will talk about our dreams, but talking doesn't produce reality.

The reality is this. Every dream you have no matter how big or small requires work. When I was pursuing my professional speaking dream, I talked about it for years. And I failed to live my dream for years. All of my talk didn't produce the results I hungered for. My dream was a fantasy because all I ever did was talk about it.

When I was fired from my job on Father's Day 2015, I was forced to start working. If I wanted to transform my dream in to a reality, I needed to start working.

Click the link below to watch the full-interview to learn when it's time for you to LEAP, not talk... I discuss practical steps You can take to do so!

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