Leadership Techniques from the Avengers

The Avengers Infinity War made box office history this weekend. While many people watch movies for entertainment, I love to watch movies for learning opportunities to share with my audiences and clients. What Leadership skills can you learn from a super hero movie? 

 1. You can't do everything yourself Super hero movies used to be about one super hero doing everything, but now super hero movies display teams working together to accomplish their goal because they realize one person can't do everything themselves.

2. Focus on People's Strengths Super heroes could focus on everything their teammates can't do, but they focus more on what their teammates can do. They actively seek out opportunities to put their teammates in positions to succeed.

3. Have a defined Goal or Mission It's difficult to go somewhere if you don't know where to go. At some point in every super hero movie, our heroes come together to communicate their goal, plan or mission. Then they execute it.

4. Use Effective Communication  Our words and our actions influence our outcomes. Non matter how great your plan is, effective verbal and nonverbal communication is needed to pull people together. 

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