What I learned from the movie "HITCH"

The Will Smith movie “Hitch” is one of my favorite movies. The movie helped inspire me to start a business where I could use my time, talent, team and treasures to change the lives of individuals. Here are 4 strategies I learned from the movie that I apply to my current career as a Fundraiser, Consultant and Keynote Speaker. 

1. Have a Passion for what you do! Hitch tailors his coaching to the wants and needs of his clients. He is so passionate about what he does, he performs extensive research to make sure he exceeds their expectations.

2. Provide Quality Products or Services Alex Hitchins acquires his clients based off of referrals. His work provides valuable proof that he provides a high quality service that his clientele wants.

3. Have Ethics and Moral Standards No matter how much money Hitch is offered, he will not lower his moral standards. His ethics insure that his business is a long lasting endeavor versus a short term one.

4. Dress for Success No matter where Hitch goes, he dresses the part and stands out as someone you’d like to connect with. Bonus - Develop Strong Relationships Hitch uses the relationships he has cultivated to assist him with providing the high quality service he is passionate about.

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