"Every Time You Ask for Something You Risk a Yes!"

“Every time you ask ask for something, you risk a yes.”

This is not the mindset of most people. Many fear asking questions because they’re fear receiving a negative response.

My mentor Lois Creamer shared how we should think differently. Think about the positive response. This shift in mindset can be seen in our body language, voice tone and actions.

It creates a mental and visual confidence that is contagious.

I’ve been sharing that quote above on stage for the last year when I’m invited to be the Emcee and Auctioneer Fundraising events for non profits around the country.

The quote has shifted mindsets, transformed workplace culture, and inspired hundreds to volunteer and thousands to donate close to $2million dollars to transform lives and communities around the country.

Last night I’m San Diego, I challenged my audience to donate $100,000 to celebrate the 100 Year Anniversary of the Legal Aid Society of San Diego. Last year the organization provide pro bono Legal Services for nearly 14,000 people. Last night over $120,000 was raised. All because I wasn’t afraid to ask and risk a yes.

Thank you Lois for inspiring me and thousand of people you’ll never meet.

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