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“Life is about experiences and relationships!” – Bernie Morgan

In 2006, I was sitting in the home of Bernie Morgan in Adelaide, Australia. I was having an insightful conversation with Bernie, his wife Colleen, and my friend Dave. We discussed politics, religion, family, friends, food, and wine. While sipping a glass of wine, Bernie made the quote that has changed my life. Life is about experiences and relationships.

I was in Australia for the adventure of a lifetime. Six weeks exploring the country as representative for Rotary International and the United States. Bernie and his wife Colleen were hosting my friend Dave and I. As our host family, they taught us about their country and culture. Bernie and Colleen aren’t big fans of television. They are big fans of developing strong relationships and creating lasting memories. The week that I spent with them was amazing.

Time spent with Bernie and Colleen was all about people. It was about learning and communication. It was about experiences. One of my experiences took place on Easter Sunday. Bernie took our group to a hanger at a small airfield. The hanger belonged to a friend who collected vintage aircraft. One of his prized planes was a World War I United States Army biplane. Our group of three each had the opportunity to fly in the plane. I was the last person to fly in the open cockpit plane. The weather was perfect, the views were amazing, and the experience is permanently etched in my mind and the memory card of my digital camera.

Reliving that story made me realize that I have an amazing life. I’ve accomplished more than I could have imagined. I have been told my stories and experiences are inspiring. Truth be told, they inspire me too. They give me the urge to pursue new experiences and to continue to develop positive relationships. The stories of these experiences and relationships will be shared with you in this book.

Amazing experiences are the offspring of strong and positive relationships. You too have lived an amazing life. You have accomplished the unthinkable. Your experiences can inspire the people around you. They will inspire you to do more in the future. Life is a celebration. Make time to relive your accomplishments. Dedicate time to develop and nurture relationships. Make the most out of every experience. And, remember to celebrate! Thank you, Bernie and Colleen, for a very important life lesson and your continued friendship.

From Chapter 2 of "Fresh from the Kitchen. Life Lessons of an Entrepreneurial Dreamer" (2020) now available on Amazon.

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