Are Your Actions a True Reflection of Your Mindset?

Are Your Actions a True Reflection of Your Mindset?

On a daily basis I receive LinkedIn connection requests. There are genuine requests to connect, network, and develop a relationship. Then there are others that display a transactional and a mindset of not caring.

“Frank Kitchen, I love your profile. Can you tell me what you do?” (Answer is in my profile description)

“• Frank Kitchen, I read your profile and wanted to know if you’ve ever considered being a business owner?” (I already own a business)

“• Frank Kitchen…” (Proof that you’re using software to batch /spam contacts people …thank • Richard Bliss for teach me this trick)

“Frank, I’ve reviewed your profile and website and I noticed several things you’re doing wrong.” (Wow, connect with me by be criticizing my work)

This post isn’t me complaining. This is a learning opportunity. An opportunity for all of us to craft a mindset of growth/caring.

LinkedIn is a networking site/application. A place to build relationships with other professionals.

When you truly value people, you actions will reflect this. By sending messages similar to the ones you see above, your actions are saying you don’t care.

Here are a few techniques you can do to better connect with people on LinkedIn and real life.

1. Don’t outsource connecting with people. Paying for an app to connect with random people isn’t the way. Especially when it just cuts and pastes my full name into the message.

2. Stop sending generic /heartless messages. Everything can’t be cut and paste. When messageing people explain why you want to connect. What about their profile or posts really excite you.

3. Your fist message shouldn’t be a sales pitch. People are tired of being sold. LinkedIn is a sharing space. Why not share a resource that could be of value to the person you’re connecting with.

4. Leave comments on the posts of the person you want to connect with. Show your interest in before you just ask “can you be my friend?”

Remember, where your mind goes your body will follow.

Do you really want to connect with people? Don’t be lazy. Show the importance of growing your network with your actions.


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