"You worked with the PGA Tour?"

How did I get the opportunity to work with the PGA Tour?


I had a coaching client contact me last week to ask me about working with a speaking agent. I explained that agents aren't looking to work with you when you're just starting your speaking career.

Then I shared what's helped me secure work over the years. "Relationships." I explained to my client how they needed to personally contact (not mass emails) at least 100 people they "really" know and care about you.

You can't get booked for work when you network has no clue what you do. You network needs to know who they work with and the problems you solve. More importantly you need to make this statement after you educate your network. "When you hear of a person or organization in need of someone like me, please point them in my direction."

Instead of looking for an agent, you're creating a sales team of 100 people or more.

"Everyone isn't your client, but everyone knows of someone who could be your client!"

Several years ago I met a DJ/Entertainer through a mutual client. I shared what I did and he did the same. During the Pandemic, I shared information on how to keep his business afloat.

Earlier this year, he recached out to me to ask if he could share my name with a client in need of local speaker who could provide a program on team building and workplace culture. Of course I said yes.

Turns out that the client was working with the PGA Tour. After several meetings I secured one of the most high profile opportunities of my career.

It didn't happen by hiring an agent. No fancy internet algorithm. No paid advertising. No celebrity status. It all came down to developing a quality service and developing quality relationships.

Want to advance in your career? Stop selling to people who don't know you and start educating the people who know and love you to be a part of your dream.

Thank you Shawn Whittemore. Our thank you dinner will be happening soon.

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