Wisdom from the "The Encourager"

There are times in our life when we meet people at the right place at the right time. Being a man of GOD, this is when I look up to the sky and simply say, "Thank you!"

My son loves going to the mailbox to check the mail. About a year ago during one of your trips, we met John. John has one of the smiles that creates trust instantly. We quickly struck up a conversation. During the conversation, I found out that John had moved to Arizona for Ohio too. I also discovered that he was an author and life coach.  A friendship began that day.

John became a Facebook friend too. He told me that people called him "The Encourager" and I quickly found out why. John would regularly post words of encouragement on my Facebook page. He would comment about my speaking. He would get little words of advice. He would make positive posts.

A few months ago, John stopped me to ask for a big favor. He asked if I would proof read his new book. With my crazy schedule I should have said, "No." But, you can't say no to John's smile and positive energy. I began reading his book a few nights later, but after that I let life get in the way. Finally I said to myself, "you promised John." I made time to read John's book versus making excuses. Once again, the right place at the right time. The words in John's book definitely re-inspired me that I am doing what I was born to do. But more importantly it "encourage" me with new energy to put into my passion. I have the ability to change lives in a positive way. One of the things I can do educate, inspire and entertain people is to share my knowledge and experiences in this blog.

Today I want to share a few words from John's book. I'm not sure when it will be published and I don't want to give away all of John's words of wisdom. But here are a few I feel you should read...

  • Always look for the good in everybody
  • If you cannot make friend, do not make enemies
  • Make a smile your logo
  • Prayer is always a first resort, not the last - in good times and tough times
  • Live and Learn, but also apply what you learn

John J Klein - "The Encourager"

Thank you for the words of wisdom John.


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