"Post Pandemic Exhaustion"​

Is Being Social Sapping Your Energy?

You did it! You “Pivoted” and became a virtual speaker during a Global Pandemic. Your daily commute is measured in feet versus time-zones and airports visited. You’ve been professional from the waist up for nearly 18 months. You learned how to share your expertise and transform lives digitally…”ALONE.”

Many adjusted to the “new normal,” but hungered for “Good ol Days” of Live Events. Then it happened...organizations started inviting us to work with them again...IN-PERSON! We would need to re-learn how to socialize with people FACE TO FACE during a time of Social distancing!  

A Professional Speaker it is our responsibility to provide the best experience possible for the people we educate, energize and empower. Our audiences expect us to be engaging and social. 

“I’m more exhausted since returning to in-person events, I’m out of rhythm.” 

Joe Fingerhut, Motivational Speaker and Entertainer

Dr. Ian H. Newmark, FACP,FCCP, chief in the division of pulmonary medicine at Syosset Hospital, told that “pandemic exhaustion” is so common now that it even has its own Wikipedia page.

“It has been defined as the state of being worn out by recommended precautions and restrictions related to the pandemic and is often manifested by boredom, depression, and other psychological issues including physical exhaustion,”

Here are a few strategies Professional Speakers are implementing to stay energized as they return to in-person speaking.

#1 Dress for Success!

“What you wear can have a positive or negative impact on your mindset, productivity, and performance, also known as Enclothed Cognition. Essentially, what you wear affects how you feel.”  - Tavia Sharp, Image and Personal Brand Consultant

Feeling Blah? It may be time to invest in new clothing, especially a new pair of shoes. Speaking requires standing for long periods of time and wearing old or worn footwear can zap your energy and lead to variety physical ailments. 

#2 Eat foods that don’t zap your energy!

“Recently, my repeat clients have said my energy is pulsating. My energy level changed when I removed starches, grains, and sugar from my diet.” Pegine Echevarria, Motivational Speaker Hall of Fame Member

Many of the foods available in airports, hotels and conference centers aren’t ideal for maintaining your energy. In fact, listed White Bread, Pasta, Rice, Coffee, Yogurt, Energy Drinks, and Fast Food as seven foods that will drain your energy. As you return to traveling and long days on your feet consider bringing your own healthy options to help you perform at your best. Remember to drink lots of water and keep hydrated.

#3 Don’t Skimp on Travel and Lodging

“Choose the best flights and allow yourself a time buffer on the front end and back end of your events.” Rob Ferre, Keynote Speaker, Emcee, Game Show Host

Travel and lodging isn’t an expense, it’s a performance investment. Stop looking for the lowest price and start investing in your performance. When possible look for flights and hotels that are conducive with you performing at your best. Ask your client to cover your travel and lodging costs. Explain how a direct flight and hotel with more than a “continental breakfast” help you provide the best experience possible. 

#4 Be Safe

“It’s really hard when people are loving you and want to be with you. You get into the flow.” Pegine Echevarria

We all miss being around people, so it’s difficult to say no when attendees want to take a selfie with you, hug you and be in your presence for a period of time. Our immune system is weakened by increased mental and physical stress. It is important to maintain your overall health. Event planners build their events around your participation. Being sick is an energy zapper. Get the proper amount of sleep, manage your time with attendees off stage, bring hand sanitizer, mask up in large crowds, and sanitize your microphone before you use it.

 #5 Recharge 

Focus on what gives you joy. Time with my family opens my heart and re-energizes me.” Joe Fingerhut

“I get energized by seeing friends again. I let them know when I’m in town and we go out to eat.” Rob Ferre 

“A hike with a speaker who lives in the area is my favorite way to stay energized when traveling.”  Thom Singer, Speakernomics Host

What makes you happy? Whatever the activity is, make it important and put it in your calendar. commit to your “me” time because it is  just as important as your next gig.

(Article originally appeared in the January/February 2022 Edition of Speakers Magazine, the official magazine of the National Speakers Association)

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