FRESH - to do something new, exciting, great, wanted or needed to create a positive experience or environment.

The #ILiveFRESH movement

We live in a world where we see more negatives than positives. I had a member of the news media tell me that negative stories are easier to sell and get better ratings. The comment is sad, but true when it comes to the media. It’s one reason why my wife and I limit our TV viewing. We noticed that we started feeling better about life once we limited media exposure.

I am blessed to meet and work with people who are difference makers and life changers. These people create positive experiences and environments. Seeing what they do keeps me in a positive mindset and help me deal with the “rainy days” life throws at me.  How would you feel if you could see more of the positives life has to offer? I started the hashtag, #ILiveFRESH, to do my part. Whether you use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or other social media platform, you can hashtag your posts. The hashtag helps compile and organize similar social media posts. I am asking for your help. Every time you experience or do something that creates a positive experience and environment for yourself or others, please share it via social media. Please add #IliveFRESH to your post. The next time you’re having one of “those” days, do a search for #IliveFRESH and you will see or read the positives happening in the world. It will be healthy for your mind, body, soul and spirit. It will be your antidote for the negatives you experience on a daily basis.


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