2016 Native Innovation Education Technology Conference

Last weekend, I was invited by Native Innovation Inc. to speak and present at their annual conference in Flagstaff, Arizona. During my "Clean you Dishes" workshops I worked with attendees (educators) to brainstorm the actions a positive and productive leader should display. Below is the list of ideas we came produced.

#1 Show Genuine Interest

  • When you are leading and working with people you need to find out about them.

  • See how they can contribute to the organization

  • Know more than their first and last name

  • Warm Greeting

  • Compliments

  • Get to know them

  • Make conversations about them and not you

  • Converse and talk with people

  • Ask about the clans

  • Ask questions

  • Listen with your eyes while talking to people (don’t be distracted/focus on them)

  • Share and break down barriers.

  • Engage people by learning about their interests

  • Acknowledge people everyday

  • Say hello first thing in the morning

  • Give away Free Stuff. Example school spirit items

  • Introduce new people at meetings and to co-workers

  • Make time to understand people. Be patient and listen

  • Learn and experience their culture and traditions


#2 Be Visible

  • Leaders need to be visible

  • Bring visible helps people gain respect for leaders

  • Greeting people - build connections

  • Positive Feedback

  • Have daily interaction with staff and students

  • Acknowledgement that is positive. Both verbal and nonverbal

  • Be visible outside of normal duties. Lend a helping hand.

  • Need to connect and engage people before getting down to the “nitty gritty”

  • Be a role model and show up to the activities you request people show up to.

  • People have to know who you are

  • Participate in work activities

  • Be open to questions (Have a day where employees can ask you questions about anything...personal questions and work questions)

  • Be willing to learn


#3 Be a Teacher

  • You teach through body language and actions, not just your words

  • Leaders should be helpful and make learning experiences for their staff

  • Teach teachers about classroom management

  • Give teachers opportunities to practice

  • Offer encouragement during tough times

  • Teach paperwork and procedures

  • Teach software and technology

  • Be a teacher not a Boss

  • Teach proper student discipline

  • Ask people if they need any help

  • Talk with them not at them. Work to bring people together

  • Be open minded

  • Learn to change up your role

  • Learn to apologize and reteach if necessary

  • Teach goal setting and expectations. Get everyone oriented.


#4 Delegate

  • Good Leaders know the strengths of their staff

  • Don’t delegate everything. Coach and Empower.

  • Delegate with guidance

  • Be meaningful with your delegation

  • Don’t blame if delegation doesn’t work and take credit if it does

  • Identify a person’s strengths before delegating

  • Know and trust their people. This makes a person delegated to know their worth.

  • Leaders want their people to grow during the delegation process

  • They’s plenty of help all around. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or volunteers


#5 Do the Sugar Honey Ice Tea Jobs!

  • Leaders have to be willing to do the dirty work to gain respect of the people they lead.

  • Officiate school sports events

  • Substitute in the classroom

  • Lunch Duty

  • Morning Duty

  • Make everyone accountable

  • Schedule Sugar Honey Ice Tea time into their daily schedule

  • Cafeteria Duty

  • Recess Duty

  • Making Bulletin Boards

  • Work with Custodians

  • Drive a bus

  • Work with the staff side by side to “see” what’s really going on


#6 Be Honest

  • Good Leaders don’t beat around the bush

  • Be honest about the budget and decision making

  • Honesty goes with communication. The more you hide, the less respect you get from the people you lead

  • Honest leads to trust

  • Share openly

  • Be honest with evaluations

  • Be honest with the school board. Tell the truth and don’t sugar coat things

  • Be transparent

  • Express your goals and expectations


#7 Reward

  • Good Leaders are sincere

  • Rewards need to be given in a timely manner

  • Don’t be quick to citiize and slow to acknowledge/reward

  • Since Acknowledgment throughout the day and year

  • Give credit where it is due

  • Acknowledgment reinforces intrinsic (internal) value

  • Special/Personal thank yous from PTA

  • Lunch for the staff. Appreciation meal

  • Stickers

  • Thank you cards

  • Food

  • Birthday Cards

  • “You’re doing a nice job”

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  • Kialo Winters
    commented 2016-06-21 13:32:19 -0700
    Our social circles offer opportunities to manifest the next great idea or drag projects into the gutter, what Frank Kitchen brought out in us during his presentation was our intrinsic motivation to be a team player. I highly recommend you visit with Frank Kitchen or attend any of his upcoming seminars.

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