A record
of satisfied clients

I have been blessed to work in-person and virtually with professional associations, major corporations, schools, colleges, universities, nonprofits, and civic organizations around the world. Click HERE to read my most recent audience feedback, or read below to what past clients are saying about me.

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    "Frank worked with our Association to present a leadership webinar to our members. From our first time meeting Frank was incredibly professional, kind, and thoughtful. I always appreciate working with speakers who know their audience well and who develop strong content for them. Frank was just as good once we went live, his energy was very contagious and he had our members sharing and engaging throughout the whole session.

    In addition to the great feedback received from the audience in evaluations, Frank made the behind-the-scenes work from a production standpoint painless. He always provided quick updates to questions and materials which made my job a lot easier. Frank's kindness, professionalism and thoughtfulness left a very strong impression on us and we were so happy to have that shared with our members!"


    Jordan Mathalon

    Professional Development Associate at School Nutrition Association

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    "Our association chose Frank as the keynote speaker for the HFMA Wisconsin Chapter 2021 Fall Conference and we are glad we did! Frank was responsive & easy to communicate with throughout the planning process and demonstrated great adaptability as we pivoted from an in-person to a virtual conference during the pandemic. Frank presented to our audience tailored experiences on the themes "I LIVE F.R.E.S.H." and the "Seven Skills of Fruitful Leadership" as well as hosted a virtual follow-up workshop on how to "Spice Up Your Speaking." Throughout the presentations, Frank wove in life lessons, personal anecdotes, and analogies to engage the audience. He also frequently interacted with attendees through reflective questions and the chat, and took the time to thoughtfully answer audience questions. I highly recommend Frank to make your next event FRESH!"


    Melinda Mastel

    Wisconsin HFMA

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    “Frank Kitchen is amazing to work with in planning workshops for CTSO Leadership Training Sessions. In 2021, as things progressed toward COVID shutting down our events, he helped develop a virtual workshop to engage students and their advisors in a meaningful event. He worked diligently with our staff making sure contracts were submitted on time, and frequently checking in up to the time of the event. I look forward working with him for another event in 2022.”


    Becky Warren

    SkilksUSA State Director at Kansas State Department of Education

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    Frank's presentation reached our undergraduates where they are - eager to plan for the future, but confused about how to begin. His F.R.E.S.H. Recipe was the right balance of details and flexibility with a method which can be implemented easily.
    I was most impressed with his ability to flex his presentation to the needs of the audience. Towards the end of the session, I grew concerned that Zoom burn-out might drive students to disconnect before Q & A began. Instead, Frank's engaging personality and presentation style kept students online, not only through Q & A, but through about 20 minutes of casual conversation at the end of the program. (I don't suggest everyone try to get an extra 20 minutes of presentation time using this strategy, but simply want to commend his availability to stick around for relationship-building at the end of a robust presentation!)


    Lynn Downie

    Associate Director of Career Development, Presbyterian College

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    Frank is phenomenal! His session was full of energy and very interactive, even in the virtual setting. His #ILIVEFRESH talk was just what our students needed to hear to help them take the next steps in creating their own recipe for success. I look forward to the next time we can work together.


    Caitlin Rush

    Associate Director, Office of Internships and Experiential Learning, University of Buffalo

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    I’ve had the pleasure of working with Frank since early 2020 when I asked him if he would be a keynote speaker at my statewide youth camp. Even though the pandemic canceled a lot of events for us, he adapted his skills to help us in any way possible! I’m so happy to have him back as our keynote speaker for our camp in 2021 and he has always been attentive and accommodating to our needs as a non profit and has gone above and beyond to do multiple trainings for us over the year. If you ever need someone personable and adaptive to your business I’d HIGHLY recommend Frank Kitchen!


    Samantha Szoyka
    Youth Program Coordinator at Partnership Carson City

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    The week after our course with Frank was transformational within our association members. They had a renewed value of themselves and the work they do. Frank’s information and excitement about shining like an apple was what everyone needed to be reinvigorated and really empowered. We loved the virtual mixer and the message of shining and empowerment.


    Kim Reddig
    Nevada Speech and Hearing Association.

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    Working with Frank was an absolute pleasure. My podcast co-host and I learned how to practice not using filler words, the power of the pause as well as helping us with our synergy during interviews. We’ve continued practicing some of the techniques provided by Frank and have improved the production of our podcast over time. We truly appreciate you Frank and highly recommend as a coach!


    Sashalla Lemond
    Office of the President - Diversity, Equity &
    Inclusion, Senior Director

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    In April 2019 Frank was the keynote speaker at the Spring Conference for the Missouri Association of Public Purchasing. Frank lead three engaging and interactive session with our group of more than 80 members. Frank was in attendance for our entire event and quickly became one of us! I was very impressed that he attended many of our events to really get to know and network with our members. Frank’s sessions were unique where he didn’t stand and teach us, he got our members up out of their chairs working together and in many cases, with people they don’t normally sit with. Our attendees raved about Frank in our end of conference survey! If you are looking for a F.R.E.S.H approach to leadership and development sessions F.R.A.N.K is your guy!


    Kara Daniel
    Missouri Association of Public Purchasing

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    Frank's enthusiasm is infectious and invigorating. Our local and state CTSO officers were on their feet and interacting like nothing I've seen before. Their excitement and passion through Frank resulted in numerous discussions and ideas to move their organizations forward to a new level. The local and state advisors were similarly inspired, and the State Department of Education and their CTE office thanked me for including Frank as a part of our leadership training opportunity.

    Frank's interest in each student and adult who approached him individually was heartfelt, and he spent time with each attendee to share ideas and solutions for growth, leadership, and inspiration. His continued outreach after our event has been beneficial and appreciated.


    Steven M. Cook
    Alaska CTE Conference Planner