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Melissa DeAngelis

Frank visited Heritage Middle School on October 4, 2016 for a school-wide assembly. He shared his F.R.E.S.H. message with our students and made the presentation fun and engaging for our middle schoolers. The best part of the day was having Frank spend the rest of the day meeting with students informally in the lunchroom and attended some leadership sessions with a few. He provided a personal touch that our students really appreciated.

Since being at Heritage, our students have felt safe enough to reach out to Frank regarding a concerning situation affecting one of their friends. Frank immediately reached out to me and we were able to provide the help that students needed as well as support the friends who were very concerned for her. He made a difference in our students' lives and continues to do so beyond the presentation. I fully recommend having Frank Kitchen as a speaker for your school. He is willing to work with the school and tailor the message to your specific needs.

Melissa DeAngelis, Principal,
Heritage Middle School

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