Virtual Programs

With COVID19 and Social Distancing, event organizers are looking for speakers who can present in virtually. They want proof that that speakers and experts can deliver their message remotely, with impact.

My team and I have created a virtual studio to provide virtual programming with high-quality lighting, sound, backdrops, and room for me to move around as if I was on a stage. I've also been certified by espeakers as a Certified Virtual Presenter. 

All of my programs can be delivered Virtually. Please contact my team for more information on how we can tailor our programs to fit your wants and needs. 480-405-7658


Questions to ask when you consider hiring your next Virtual Speaker / Presenter?

  1. What software/video programs do you use for your virtual programs? 
  2. Are your programs live, pre-recorded, or a hybrid of the two?
  3. What type of lighting do you have?
  4. What type of cameras do you use?
  5. What type of audio equipment do you use?
  6. Are you available for a tech soundcheck prior to the event date?
  7. Where is your virtual studio?
  8. Is your virtual studio free of distractions and background noise?
  9. Do you sit or stand during your presentations?
  10. What type of background/ stage do you use?
  11. How many virtual programs have you executed?
  12. Do you use wi-fi or a hardline during your live programs?
  13. What is your plan during a technical failure?
  14. Will we see you or your slides during the program?



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