John Klein, What's your Recipe?

Two years ago I was walking to the mailbox with my son Elijah. Checking the mail was one of his favorite things to do. After collecting our mail, we heard a voice say, “Cleveland Browns fan?” I turned around to see a smiling face. I didn’t notice, but Elijah was wearing orange and brown. I looked at the stranger and responded, “Browns? Are you from Cleveland?” He responded, “Yes!” That’s how my friendship with John Klein began. Read more

"Am I Making you Cry?"

Frank Kitchen Enterprises just celebrated its first anniversary as a full-time business. Owning a business is like riding a rollercoaster. There are lots of ups and downs. Operating your own business requires a lot of dedication, focus, motivation and perseverance.  Read more

2016 Native Innovation Education Technology Conference

Last weekend, I was invited by Native Innovation Inc. to speak and present at their annual conference in Flagstaff, Arizona. During my "Clean you Dishes" workshops I worked with attendees (educators) to brainstorm the actions a positive and productive leader should display. Below is the list of ideas we came produced. Read more

Are your eyes too big?

My list of dreams is HUGE. I have personal and professional dreams I want to live. I have a long list of wants and needs to make my dreams a reality. I'm stricken by a condition called “Eyestoobigacus.” It means your eyes are bigger than our stomach. It’s a condition we all have and can lead to negative feelings about who we are and what we can achieve.   Read more

Scott Cummings, "What's your Recipe?"

This month I’ve asked my best friend Scott Cummings to participate in my interview series. I’ve known Scott for almost 25 years. Read more


FRESH - to do something new, exciting, great, wanted or needed to create a positive experience or environment. Read more

Alena Bond, What's Your Recipe?

In 2014 I was looking for a fun item to give away for a speech. Something people could and would use. I also wanted it to be healthy. Read more

Communication is the living your Dreams

Our ability to communicate in an understandable way is the determining factor to positive or negative life experiences. Poor communication can lead to misunderstandings. Misunderstandings lead to communication breakdowns. Lack of communication limits our growth. Read more

What's your Recipe for 2016?

“A recipe is a set of instructions that describes how to turn a dream into reality." - Frank Kitchen  Do you have a recipe to turn your dreams into reality in 2016?   Read more

Are you a Vegetarian?

When I travel, it amazes me to see how much people pay attention to what I do or say. When I eat with groups before, during or after an event; many ask the question..."Are you a vegetarian?" Read more


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