The following businesses are organizations I'm proud to partner with or represent as a product sponsor. To learn more about their products and services, please click the images below I to visit their websites.









Bella Organics believes in the power of organic products and make 100% Organic luxurious beauty and skincare products for the whole family. Use the coupon code "LIVEFRESH" to save 15% on your order. 



EXP provides a fresh alternative to old-school student tour operators. Their educational tours make teachers' lives easier and students' trips better.







Monkey Brain Promotions is the leading go-to resource for quality branded promotional items that drive results. They provide clients (from small local companies to large global corporations) with great quality and creative solutions.


Inca Tea specializes in exclusive teas derived from an ancient Incan recipe with a 1000 years of tradition that uses antioxidant-rich purple corn. No pesticides, no GMO's and no artificial colors!  








Inspyr has develop a brand of "gear" to help others. They want you to express your own inspiration in an effort to effect those around you. Inspyr strives to provide you empowering messages on quality products while developing a community of people who continue to inspire us and each other.  


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