Videos and Media Interviews

"I Live F.R.E.S.H." at the University of Toledo

"I Live F.R.E.S.H.!" at Utah Valley University

"Best Buddies International Leadership Conference Opening" 

"The I Live FRESH Challenge" 

"The Marathon"

"Living FRESH with Frank Kitchen" Episode #3 

"Behind the Scenes for the Arizona DECA Keynote at the Gila River Arena"

Frank on CNN's 30 Second Pitch


Media Interviews Excellence Essentials Magazine article, "Trick or Treat?"

Arizona Foothills Magazine article

2017 "Like a Real Boss" Podcast interveiw

Gay's PSA with Gay Polk-Payton interview

The Odell Bizell Show interview

News Herald Article on MLK Day Speech article

2019 "Like a Real Boss" Podcast Interview "Entrepre-Leadership) interview

Kids in the Tank Podcast (Entrepreneurship and Leadership) interview

Fortunes From Speaking Podcast with Chris Widner interview


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