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I get the opportunity from time to time to inspire and encourage people to live their dreams. It 's my passion and something I really enjoy. I recently had someone ask me, "Who do you go to for inspiration?"

Many things inspire. Watching my son do something new. Talking with my wife, family members and friends. I love reading inspirational stories, but reading stories of accomplishment and appreciation from people I meet are very inspiring too.

This weekend I was going through some old e-mails and I was inspired by an e-mail I received from a young woman in Arizona who purchased my book. We used to work together, so it was nice to have someone I know support my dream.

Here's part of what Sara wrote:

I read a lot, and the thing that keeps me most interested in a book is when it speaks to me on a personal level. I sense that your book has done that for a lot of people. You speak the truth in a way that isn't harsh or condescending, and instead gives hope that life can improve, and that the reader is more than capable of making the necessary changes on their own. It's fun, honest, and heartfelt. I feel privileged to know you, and grateful to have my very own copy of Fresh From the Kitchen! I hope that you are able to take the path you want in life, as I'm certain you've led many to their own desired path. Take care, Frank, and stay in touch.

If you ever feel like you're not going in the right direction; something will appear to let you know which way to go.

For me, I'm going to keep using written and spoken words to assist people find the right path and head the right direction.

Thank you Sara.

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