How B.A.D. do you want it? (Excerpt from 52 Ways to Live B.A.D.)

"A Goal is a Dream with a Plan" 

Dreams don’t just happen. You must want them to happen. "How BAD do you want it?

The question implies that there is a price to be paid for whatever you want out of life.  It means, “What are we willing to give up, sacrifice, change, alter and transform.”  It also means, “How willing are you to achieve, perform, accomplish,complete, attain and realize.”  Whether it is a person, place, thing or idea, success comes with a price. Success is the achievement of a dream. The final questions is... How BAD do you want it?
Whatcha gonna do about it? (What will you do this week to make things happen? Read below)
  1. Write down something you have constantly talked about doing, but never done?
  2. How does it make you feel not to do what you said?
  3. Do you believe you will ever do “it”? How BAD do you want “it?”
  4. What will you do this week to make “it” happen? What is your plan?

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