Fired on Father's Day

The last four weeks have been CRAZY! Crazy good and Crazy not so good. I'm sure you can figure out some of the story by reading the title for this blog. For the second time in two years I was fired from a job on Father's Day. The first time my son was a few months old, this time, I have a little daughter on the way.

I was invited out for a "lunch meeting." and I was told my services would no longer be needed. I was told that I did everything my employer asked of me. I was told I did good work, but "things just weren't going to work." You can imagine that a lot of emotions hit me at once. A long list of ways to react to the news went through my head too. I took the high road and thanked my former employer for the opportunity.

As I got in my car to head home, my mind wasn't focused why I was fired. I started focusing on what I needed to do and what I could do. One of my goals for 2015 was to be self-employed by my birthday in September. I was now self-employed about 2 months ahead of schedule.

Thinking about how to take care of my family gave me new clarity. I finally knew what I was working for. There's nothing worse than going to a job and not knowing why you are there, other than a paycheck. It's hard to stay motivated. It's difficult to push yourself when you work hard and don't see any real results.

I'm now almost 4 weeks into working for myself 100% Something I haven't done for almost 7 years. The first time I really didn't know why I was working for myself, so I wasn't that motivated.
Now I'm working to take care of my family. I'm working to inspire, empower and elevate people to live their personal and professional dreams. I'm working to do something I love doing...helping people.

Being fired again wasn't the best feeling in the world. It's part of life and nothing for me to be embarrassed about. It is proof that I'm not wired to work for people. I've always  "talked" about working for myself. Now is my time to shine and really benefit from the hard work I know I have to do.

Thank you for making time to read my blog. I hope the words inspire you. Everyone has difficult times in their lives. The people who really live life, don't let the difficult times hold them back on slow them down. They look at them as opportunities to GROW. Opportunities to ELEVATE to new heights.

Keep your head up during difficult times and focus on what you're going to do to live the Life you want.



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