Dreams, Plans and Goals

"You have to set goals that are almost out of reach. If you set a goal that is attainable without much work or thought, you are stuck with something below your true talent and potential." Steve Garvey

A Goal is a Dream with a plan. I hear many people say, my plan failed. The truth is many of us fail to follow the plans we create. Our plans are good. Some are even great, but if we don't follow them, it doesn't matter how good your plan is.

Every year I make a list of personal and professional goals. Goals are dreams we want to turn into reality, we want them to happen but we rarely do all the hard work required to make the dreams come true. Many times, we don't share our goals with people because we too embarrassed! We are embarrassed to hear what other people think. We get embarrassed at the thought of not accomplishing our dream. We get embarrassed at the thought of people thinking we're crazy or our dream is too big.

The truth is, we need to be embarrassed when we don't share our dreams with the people. You never know who can help you make your dream come true or what advice you might get to make your dream a reality faster. Many of us are afraid of failure, but the true failure is not to share our dreams! We can't make our dreams come true by ourselves. We need a lot of help and assistance along the way!

So, I'm off to work on one of my dreams for 2015. My dream for 2015 is to speak every month in 2015. I also want my speaking to be a true business that can support my family.

If anyone can help my achieve this, please contact me!

Have a great week and thank you for reading.

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