Individual and Group Training Programs

I have educated, elevated and empowered thousands of students, volunteers, entrepreneurs and professionals around the world to be difference makers and life changers in their lives and the lives of others.  I  would love the opportunity to work work with you to create and implement a personalized recipe for success.

I would love to set-up a date and time to meet with you by phone, face time, video,, or face-to-face to discuss how I can assist you. All consultations and trainings are tailored to your wants and needs.

Please read below to learn more about my individual and small group consultations/trainings. I offer "student rates" for high school and college students. Please contact me at 480-405-7658 or


"FRESHen Up" your Public Speaking 

Are you ready to improve your public speaking abilities? I'm here to help you. I'd love to help you shine during Media Interviews, Presentations, Sales Pitches, Speeches, or a Wedding Toast. My coaching offers the following strategies and techniques:

  • How to confront and conquer your speaking fears

  • How to create your ideal speaking environment

  • How to produce an engaging experience for your audience

  • Speech writing 

I will also work with you on how to use a microphone, how to speak on camera, how to incorporate technology into a speech and assist you with writing your speech if needed.

Click on the link below to see a few of the speaking tips I have shared with past students.

Frank's Speaking Tips

FRESHen Up Your Speaking Facebook Group (Elevate your Public and Professional Speaking Skills and Abilities)

"FRESHen Up" Your Business or Organization

To be a highly effective leader you need confidence, a plan and the proper motivation to create a positive and productive environment for yourself and the people you lead. My training offers the following:

  • Development of a productive leadership style

  • Personal Motivation and Confidence Techniques

  • Goal Setting and Implementation Activities

  • Strategies to Lead yourself, others, teams and cultures

  • Advise and counsel on decision making

  • Marketing Strategies

This package is ideal for new managers, nonprofit leaders, student leaders, small business owners and entrepreneurs.


 Fundraising and Event Planning

Looking to identify new revenue streams, cultivate new donors and smash the fundraising goals of their next Special Event or Fundraising Event? Click HERE to set-up at time to learn highly effective and proven fundraising techniques.



"Frank is a very humble giving professional speaker. He recently attended one of my speeches and his feedback was very detailed. He graciously suggested an exercise to do with the audience, which has had profound effects."

Gordie Bufton - Author, Speaker, Life Coach  

"Frank Kitchen has helped to improve my speaking by showing me how to make my speech writing inclusive for all those in the audience. Additionally, and arguably the most valuable thing he has done, was his willingness to listen to my specific questions and offer helpful advice based upon my specific needs."

Jason Moffitt - Aspiring Professional Speaker

"I was scared to do a Best Man's speech at my friends wedding. After watching Frank give an awesome speech at an event I attended. I asked him for a few pointers because I was dreading the whole experience the wedding was less than a month away. Frank gave me a half a dozen solid pointers from start to finish. From there I drafted my speech and implemented every tip he gave me. My speech was awesome!!! I got so many compliments from people who were in attendance. He has now given me the confidence to do public speaking. Thanks Frank you have a talent for teaching."

Danny Fortes - Owner of an internet marketing company 

"Ever since middle school I have had a fear of getting in front of people to present information or give a speech. I even avoided taking speech class in high school.

Now, as a business professional, I have been requested to give presentations and I would continue to pawn it off on someone else to avoid the spotlight. Naturally, I have an outgoing personality and believe I could actually be good at public speaking. I was ready to face this fear and give public speaking a shot, so when I was asked to participate on a panel discussion at a state-wide conference I felt it was time to step up to the plate.

About a month prior to the panel discussion, I discovered Frank Kitchen was a professional speaker and coach, and kindly asked for assistance. Frank was more than happy to help me and actually got me excited about the event.

He worked me one-on-one to discover my root issues with speaking and designed a plan to conquer these issues. Working through this process allowed me to properly prepare myself and deliver a thoughtful, informative discussion with no voice quivers! It was a great success and I really could not have done it without Frank! Thank you Frank for your encouragement and determination in seeing me through this process!"

Emily Awbrey - Personal Trainer

"As I started working with multiple groups that required a more professional, polished communication style, I reached out to Frank to help me develop an improved strategy and enhance my communication skills. His presentation style and approach certainly renewed my confidence and was able to challenge me in a way that helped me meet my goals. I work with multiple large corporations, heading up meetings in addition to presenting and speaking about my industry I feel I now have a fresh start. Thanks Frank for all your hard work!"

Nicole Riera - Consultant, Speaker, Executive - R Logik

"You have definitely inspired me to pursue my passion for motivational speaking and start the Beyond Business Institute"

Greg Rudolph - Found and CEO - Board Blazers


Frank Kitchen Enterprise 480-405-7658


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