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Are you ready to stop speaking for free and get paid to share your Dream, Passion or Purpose with Audiences around the world Virtually and In-Person?

I've created a program just for you that combines my years of experience as a Professional Speaker, Business Owner, Trainer, Manager, Event Planner, Entertainer, and Educator to provide with the tools and resources needed to build a 6-Figure Speaking Business.

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You will learn how to:

  • Engage/Connect with your audience through Stage Presence
  • Operate a Professional Speaking Business
  • Determine your area of expertise and ideal target markets
  • Prospect for paid (In-Person and Virtual) speaking engagements
  • Market and Sell your services
  • Create Multiple Income streams for your business
  • Build a Valuable and Respected Brand on Stage and off

You will receive:

  • Access to monthly mastermind for professional speakers
  • Marketing, Prospecting, and Business Templates
  • Video recording of all coaching sessions
  • Referrals for Speaking Opportunities
  • Exclusive "Spice-Up Your Speaking" Gifts
  • Access to future Spice Up Your Speaking Training Sessions

Coaching sessions can take place by phone, video, or face-to-face. I offer the following coaching options:

  • Individual Coaching Sessions
  • Multi Day Intensive Coaching Program
  • One day intensive Coaching Program



"I wanted to check in with you and give you an update on how the information from your course has really been impactful in my consulting business. The information you teach is not only technically sound but also very applicable for the industry in time we face.

Currently, I have 2 contacts and pending another totalling about 12K. The return from this course is phenomenal. Thank you so much for all you are doing for this industry and for giving us very practical advice and information, that transferring into a solid deal. I've learned; contact equal contracts and contracts equal revenue. If anyone is wondering should they sign up for your course they shouldn't give it a second thought. If they do the work they will reap the reward."

Terrell Tarver,


"I was scared to do a Best Man's speech at my friend's wedding. After watching Frank give an awesome speech at an event I attended. I asked him for a few pointers because I was dreading the whole experience the wedding was less than a month away. Frank gave me a half a dozen solid pointers from start to finish. From there I drafted my speech and implemented every tip he gave me. My speech was awesome!!! I got so many compliments from people who were in attendance. He has now given me the confidence to do public speaking. Thanks, Frank you have a talent for teaching."

Danny Fortes - Internet Marketing Influencer 


"Ever since middle school, I have had a fear of getting in front of people to present information or give a speech. I even avoided taking speech classes in high school.

Now, as a business professional, I have been requested to give presentations and I would continue to pawn it off on someone else to avoid the spotlight. Naturally, I have an outgoing personality and believe I could actually be good at public speaking. I was ready to face this fear and give public speaking a shot, so when I was asked to participate in a panel discussion at a state-wide conference I felt it was time to step up to the plate.

About a month prior to the panel discussion, I discovered Frank Kitchen was a professional speaker and coach, and kindly asked for assistance. Frank was more than happy to help me and actually got me excited about the event.

He worked me one-on-one to discover my root issues with speaking and designed a plan to conquer these issues. Working through this process allowed me to properly prepare myself and deliver a thoughtful, informative discussion with no voice quivers! It was a great success and I really could not have done it without Frank! Thank you Frank for your encouragement and determination in seeing me through this process!"

Emily Awbrey - Orange Theory Fitness, Development Coordinator


"As I started working with multiple groups that required a more professional, polished communication style, I reached out to Frank to help me develop an improved strategy and enhance my communication skills. His presentation style and approach certainly renewed my confidence and was able to challenge me in a way that helped me meet my goals. I work with multiple large corporations, heading up meetings in addition to presenting and speaking about my industry. I feel I now have a fresh start. Thanks, Frank for all your hard work!"

Nicole Riera - Consultant / Sales Executive


"Thank you to Frank Kitchen for always giving amazing speech coaching, advice, great insights, and tools. You always help me. Thank you again!

Angel Marie Monachelli - Professional Speaker


"Frank is always willing to help and offer guidance. He has been extremely generous in providing me with professional tools and tips of the trade by offering insights through his personal speaking journey. Frank is easy to talk to and made me feel extremely comfortable asking what may have been considered newbie questions."

Jarrett Ransom, "The Nonprofit Nerd" and President/CEO of The Rayvan Group


"When I found out that I had the opportunity to keynote at a National Medical Conference, Frank was my first call.
He set up a weekly training schedule to help me prepare the presentation, practice the presentation, and equip me with the skills and tips to deliver. The conference was a success and I know have a process and the confidence to present in front of any crowd.
This has been an invaluable experience that I will utilize in my practice for the rest of my career."

Sky Parker, Agency Director with Creative Business Resources


"Frank was the missing link I was desperately seeking to take my speaking career to the next level. I knew I had content and ability; Frank gave me the tools to find work, fine-tune my presentations, and understand what people who hire speakers are looking for. His materials are very organized and he was always prepared for our sessions. He helped me set challenging, yet achievable goals and held me accountable. I would highly recommend Frank if you are looking for someone to assist you with your speaking career. Regardless of if you new or have years of experience, you will be able to learn valuable tools from Frank. THANK YOU!!!!!! "
Trisha Brauer, Owner of Taking Bids Fundraising